A sure sign of a band's rising success is seeing their crowds double and triple in size—not to mention growing louder and louder. For Tiny Moving Parts, that growth is thanks to their emotional and timeless songs, allowing all fans to connect with their deep and thoughtful music. Besides that, these are three of the best touring musicians out right now.

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Here are five crucial Tiny Moving Parts songs to get to know the APMAs Best Underground Band nominee:

“Headache” – Celebrate

KEY LYRIC: Let's turn back the clock and do this one more time/It’s so hard finding a purpose in my emptiness/Cause I am an icicle, you are the summer heat/A language that I could barely speak.

“Sundress” – Pleasant Living

KEY LYRIC: Don't be nervous my love/Just follow your heart strings/I hope they tug to the rhythm of the beat like mine do to me.

“Vacation Bible School” – This Couch Is Long & Full of Friendship

KEY LYRIC: Self-respect, is such a strong word and I can't comprehend how many times I have tried it/how many times I have lost it/But I don't dare ask for closure, I guess I can't tell anyone anything anymore.

‘Fair Trade’

KEY LYRIC: Truly satisfied, yet so surprised/I wouldn't trade this life for anything/I love myself more than I ever have, and I have learned to love you too!

“Dakota” – This Couch Is Long & Full of Friendship

KEY LYRIC: Well if these bones still hold me up, I'm fine/If I feel this cold still buried in my throat I guess I'll survive/‘Cause it's sad that time turns it's back on us, like a wood chipper eating up the lumber/It turns into dust and floats in the air to prove what we have lost.