ROAM, the easycore act hailing from Eastbourne, U.K., have had a very busy year—and it’s only May. In January, they released their debut LP, Backbone. Then, they landed opening spots for Simple Plan, Sum 41 and the Wonder Years—and that just brings them to this week. Next, they’re hitting the entire Warped Tour and trying to win your votes for Best Underground Band at the APMAs. (Haven’t voted yet? Take care of that right here.)

Here are five crucial songs to get to know ROAM!


It makes most sense to start with the song most of you are likely familiar with—”Deadweight,” the first single off Backbone. Matt Wilson of Set Your Goals lends some vocals—recorded by All Time Low’s Rian Dawson at his LA studio—and also makes a cameo in the Rambo-inspired music video.

Key lyric: “We’re replaceable; we’re still breakable, too available brought on ourselves/So I hold my doubt, hope it levels out”

“You Never Said”

Let’s bring it back to ROAM’s first EP Head Down. Considering this editor fact-checked the lyrics using their Bandcamp post from three years ago, this is about as OG as it gets.

Key lyric: “I always take things too far but I think that just makes me human/I never finish what I start but at least I know I will always be the same”

“Tell Me”

We need something to mix it up a little, so here’s a slow jam—or, at least, as close as ROAM ever get to a slow jam. Perfect for a long car ride (or cry-fest), you’ll have all the words memorized in no time.

Key lyric: “You're the voice in the back of my head/I tried to see things through instead/Cause I'm still over getting nowhere”

“Warning Sign”

This track off their third EP Viewpoint is a party from start to finish. The music video—complete with Slip’N Slides, poolside fun and five very intimate seconds in a shower—just drives the point home.

Key lyric: “I'm overwhelmed by a sense of apathy/And underwhelmed by any urgency/Why do we do this?”

“All The Same”

Might as well finish on a song that’s just truly catchy—this deep-cut from Backbone is ROAM in their essence. Break your stereo speakers with this one.

Key lyric: “I tried to disengage, I tore myself a new page/And told myself, that I still wasn't enough for you”