steady hands indifferent belushi
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Have you ever lived your dream and it’s not exactly making you feel fulfilled? This was a grim reality for former Modern Baseball drummer and current Steady Hands frontman Sean Huber.

What first began as Huber’s 2012 solo side project morphed into his priority. The alternative indie five-piece are partnering with AP to premiere their new music video for “Indifferent Belushi.”

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The track will transport you on a relaxing beach vacation and may or my not make you want to do the Blues Brothers dance. Though some may associate the song title with humor, the lyrics inherently deal with dark times.

“‘Indifferent Belushi’ is a song about the tail end of Modern Baseball’s touring,” Huber explains. “I was in some of the most beautiful places on earth, living any DIY musician’s dream, and I was miserable.”

He soon discovered stories he felt incredibly connected with at the time. Bob Woodward’s biography of SNL legend John Belushi and Jeff Griggs’ biography actor and comic coach Del Close inspired him.

In fact, Close wrote a book entitled Truth In Comedy: The Manual Of Improvisation, which parallels the name of the new record.

The video wasn’t filmed with grand plans and production in place.

I wanted to reintroduce the band as we are now,” Huber says. “We’ve been playing together for years, but it was always a revolving door of friends helping us record and perform.

“We enlisted our friend Adam Peditto to follow us for a day doing what we would be doing anyway if there weren’t cameras there. It was one hell of a good day.”

Check out the video below (and be sure to be on the lookout for images of Belushi).

“Indifferent Belushi” is taken from the band’s latest Truth In Comedy, which is available now.

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