Motionless And White joined forces with Celldweller on their new deluxe reissue of 2012's Infamous for a remix of their latest single, “America.”  What they found in the process is that two creative minds combined can form something beyond expectations.

“When I first spoke to Klayton about doing this remix I was so sure of what I wanted it to sound like. I had every detail worked out in my head and tried my best at explaining the direction I wanted it to go,” says Motionless In White frontman Chris Motionless. “I didn't expect that what I would get back would completely blow away every single expectation I had. I was in shock at what he had done and loved it so much more than I thought I ever could.”

“When I first heard the chant 'A! M! E! R! I! C! A!' I knew this was going to be a great song to remix,” says Celldweller. “[W]hen Chris and I got on the phone and he told me what he was specifically hoping for, it allowed me to focus totally in on that idea. The conversation was effortless and we totally clicked.”


So, with both crowds pleased with the remix, can we expect to see more?

“[Celldweller] was such an easy going and great person to work with and I really look forward to doing more in the future,” says Motionless.

Adds Celldweller: “[H]ere's hoping our experience around the remix naturally leads to more collabs!”


Infamous Deluxe is out now via Fearless Records. You can order the digital album via iTunes. Celldweller also recently released a deluxe edition album–the 10-year anniversary edition of his debut self-titled album is also now available on iTunes.