Songwriter and former member of Pedro The Lion TW Walsh got trippy on his latest album Fruitless Research, and has teamed up with AP to release a full stream of the album.

Fruitless Research combines synth and different experimental sounds through its nine songs, generating both straight laced, almost robotic productions next to ambient, flowing songs.

“I was keen to apply lots of bizarre production techniques and esoteric concepts on this record,” says Walsh. “Life is pretty psychedelic by nature and I guess I’ve begun to embody and express that a little bit more.”

The first song on the record, “Public Radio,” breaks into a psychedelic flow, while later on the album, “Young Rebels” slams out a thumping beat with a sunshiney theme that includes plenty of hand claps.

As far as the lyrical value of the album, Walsh says it’s pretty nihilist. “Lyrically, some of these songs are kind of poetically meaningless. Others are attempting to express the universal emptiness of all phenomena,” said Walsh. “Essentially, this is an album about nothing.”

Fruitless Research is part of Walsh's current obsession with putting out new music. “Hopefully I'll completely lose my mind at some point and will be able to stop making records. I still have a ways to go,” he says.

Check out the tracks below, and be sure to comment with your thoughts!