Such Gold, along with Ivy League TX, Turnover and Maker, are set to be featured on a new four-way split from Broken Rim Records. The split, pre-orders for which are set to ship around March 4, features new original tracks from each of the contributing artists.

Today, we bring you the first listen to Such Gold's new song for the split, “Framed.”

“'Framed' is the first song we've worked out as a 4-piece and the second with Jon in the band,” the band told us. “We recorded the track back in January along with 'Choosing Cages' which is coming out on a split with Placeholder via Secret Audio Club.”

Listen below and tell us what you think:


Such Gold are set to hit the studio with a year's worth of writing and demoing this spring to record their second LP.

For more information about the split and the pre-order packages available, visit Broken Rim's website, and stay tuned next week for the AP exclusive premiere of Turnover's new song “I Would Hate You If I Could.”

Track listing:
Side A:
1. Ivy League, TX – Cave
2. Turnover – I Would Hate You If I Could

Side B:
1. Maker – Here She Comes
2. Such Gold – Framed

Catch them on the road this month with Slingshot Dakota: