New York City's Super Natural Psycho will inevitably be written about a number of ways, ours will be 'hallucinogenic rock with hardcore roots.' Band leader Mikey Merante and his collective of musician friends (not unlike Self Defense Family) made their debut early last year with …as it is, found on Bandcamp. Today, we're premiering “Ways Of The Wave,” a grooving, psyched-out, but still succint song on their seven-inch single.

Written about in our Turnstile feature a few issues back was their start-up label, Popwig Records, who put out the release along with the band's own self-titled label. SNP joins the expanding family of Popwig acts including Turnstile, Angel Du$t, Odd Man Out, Primal Rite, Big Bite and Soft Grip.

Locals can celebrate SNP's release show that's happening Jan. 20, 2017 at Bar Matchless in Brooklyn with Weed Hounds, Sleight Of Hand and Petal Head.

Hear both sides of the seven-inch below, the former for the first time online. You can buy a copy from Popwig: