For all of the truly terrible things in the world (disease, terrorism, Nickelback et al), it’s heartening to know that artists in our community are quick to put their time and money where their mouths are. This year's Alternative Press Music Awards is honoring these people with the Artist Philanthropic Award, presented by Sub City. Taking Back Sunday are nominated for their work with the American Cancer Society .

Founded in 1913, the American Cancer Society provides grants to those researching cures for the disease. It also provides help to families in need all across the country, running public health advertising campaigns to raise awareness. Taking Back Sunday have been involved with the charity for a decade now, starting with selling signed holiday cards through their website. It’s something very close to their hearts.

“Almost everybody in the band has been affected by cancer in one way or another,” explains vocalist Adam Lazzara. “Our drummer Mark [O’Connell]’s mom is a survivor and so was my grandmother. That’s why we chose to go with them. It started with holiday cards, but nobody really sends mail anymore, so over the years we’ve made other exclusive items to help raise money and awareness. It’s awesome to know that we’re able to help in some way. Clearly, we’re not making a giant dent with what we’re able to contribute, but just being able to help towards the greater good feels amazing. It’s very important to us.”

Tune in to the APMAs to see who wins the Artist Philanthropic Award, and learn more about the American Cancer Society on their website or Facebook page.