There are plenty of Darth Vader tattoos, but this bright-red rendition really stands out.


A tattoo of Bane that recreated the Batman villain’s mask perfectly.


 A Norman Bates tattoo that captured the Psycho killer’s stare almost too well.


This Harry Potter fan decided to commemorate Voldemort with a portrait.  


Fans of A Clockwork Orange will be totally amazed and horrifying with this homage to Alex.


A horrifying hand tat of Chucky that is a thing of nightmares.


Stranger Things fans will be in awe at this Demogorgon tattoo.


This tattoo of Lady Gaga as the countess on American Horror Story is giving us the witchiest vibes ever.


A green Oogie Boogie tattoo for the cult-classic Nightmare Before Christmas fans.


This intricate Maleficent tattoo is pretty much everything.


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