Although TAKING BACK SUNDAY have been a band for only 10 years, an impressive list of former members of the Long Island, New York, rock institution have gone on to form and/or play with a wide array of post-TBS projects. There’s been so much turnover that the band have created tongue-in-cheek T-shirts that say, “I Used To Be In Taking Back Sunday” in support of their new album, New Again. Check out this who’s who of rock who’ve gone onto other things after their time in TBS:

ANTONIO LONGO — The original lead vocalist of Taking Back Sunday, Longo departed in the middle of recording the band’s 2001 self-titled debut EP. He went on to play with the Prize Fighter (who would later be renamed Guilt Like Gravity) and the Mirror. Nowadays, Longo is focused on his solo material.

BRAND NEW — Bassist Jessie Lacey parted ways with TBS to play in post-hardcore outfit the Rookie Lot until that band called it a day in 1999. The following year, Lacey took the helm as frontman of Brand New, but lingering hostility toward TBS and new vocalist Adam Lazzara spawned one of the most public intra-band rivalries in emo history.


Seventy Times 7 – Brand New

STRAYLIGHT RUN — In 2003, Taking Back Sunday endured huge personnel losses with the departure of guitarist John Nolan and bassist Shaun Cooper who left to form indie-oriented Straylight Run with Nolan’s sister Michelle DaRosa.


A Slow Descent – Straylight Run

THE COLOR FRED — After Nolan and Cooper left in 2003, Fred Mascherino (Cooper’s bandmate in his pre-TBS band, Breaking Pangaea) signed on to replace Nolan in Taking Back Sunday. Mascherino played in the band from 2004’s Where You Want To Be through 2006’s Louder Now, but left TBS in October 2007 to work on his solo project, the Color Fred. alt

The Color Fred — “Complaintor” Virtual Tour ( exclusive) from Alternative Press on Vimeo.

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