[Photo via The Dose]

The Dose looked to revive the soul of ’90s grunge with their 2015 self-titled EP. Now, the duo are looking to build on this reputation, teaming up with AP to share their debut album, Saline.

The duo not only channel the sound of grunge legends Nirvana and Soundgarden, but also add twists of classic-rock influences to give their new music even more depth.

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Vocalist and guitarist Indio Downey highlighted his favorite unreleased song off the album, admiring the new direction the band are heading with their first full-length effort.

“We keep a full rhythm section going in the solo of ‘Out Diving (Fear And Loathing In Malibu)’ which is a dimension of the band I’m excited for fans to hear,” Downey says.

Originally forming as a three-piece, the band’s bassist was nowhere to be found for one of their first gigs. Uncertainty quickly turned into excitement as the bandmates discovered the unique sound created as a duo.

The full-length features the handful of singles the duo released over the past year, including the music video trilogy consisting of “Vervain,” “Thrill Of It” and “Saline” as well as “Drown” and “Tart.” However, drummer Ralph Alexander showed love for his own favorite song off the album, giving props to the cellist who lent the track its unique sound.

“My favorite nonsingle is definitely ‘Meant To Be,’” Alexander shares. “We were very lucky to have the brilliant Cameron Stone add a layer of cello work that really pushed the dynamics over the top and, in my opinion, make the song as special as it is now.”

Alexander expressed his eagerness after a long road leading to the duo’s first album, saying he’s looking forward to sharing it with fans.

“This album was a long creative journey for both of us, and I’m very excited for everyone to hear the finished product,” Alexander says.

Saline drops March 15, and you can preorder it here. Check out the new album below.

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