The Pink Spiders
[Photo via YouTube]

The Pink Spiders are unleashing their new music video for “Capital F” by premiering it exclusively with AP.

“Capital F” features softer vocals appearing with familiar guitars in this uplifting song that acts as the soundtrack to a wild night. The song is off their latest album, Mutations, which is the Pink Spider’s first full-length release in 10 years.

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The song itself took a minute to come into creation. Frontman Matt Friction worked on the track for a while before the lyrics came around.

“I had been toying around with the basic melody and chord structure for a while, but the song never really quite came together,” Friction says. “Toward the end of the album writing process, the lyrics for the chorus came, and it really tied everything together nicely.”

“Capital F” features an upbeat tempo and fun lyrics. In the music video, the Pink Spiders are having the time of their lives. “Capital F” serves as the perfect soundtrack for their fun and wild night out.

“The song is about having fun, which also happens to be the very reason this band are back making music again,” Friction says. “We wanted to make a fun video that captured what life is like on the road for the Pink Spiders.”

Filmmaker Jason Denton got the idea to simply film the band bar hopping between their favorite spots in Nashville. In the video, Friction is shown jokingly having a bad trip after taking some orange pills in the bathroom. Side effects include visualizing the people around him as being foxes.

Not only does Friction visualize his band members as foxes, but bartenders, dancing ladies and even himself.

The Pink Spiders just finished up their tour with the Smoking Popes. Friction says they have plans to play a full Midwest and West Coast headlining tour in January, with information coming to their website soon.