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Fans of The Umbrella Academy have been eagerly anticipating the Netflix series’ second season ever since the first premiered. The streaming service finally revealed the launch date for season 2 and some new photos. In preparation for its July 31 return, we’re rounding up some items you can get before your inevitable binge-watch. 

Take a look below for 15 merch items you should check out before season 2 of The Umbrella Academy arrives.

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All of these items were selected by the Alternative Press team with you in mind. AltPress may collect a share of the sales from the links on this page if you decide to pick up a new shirt or other merch items for your collection.

Volume 2 of the series so you can catch up before season 2 – $14.39 

the umbrella academy

What better way is there to prepare yourself for The Umbrella Academy’s second season than reading the source material? While season 1 borrowed from more than just the first volume of the graphic novel, there’s sure to be some parts of Dallas that show up in season 2. Plus, you can find out how the show differs from the comics, so head here if you want to check that out.

The Umbrella Academy logo T-shirt to show your fandom – $19.92


If you’re looking for ways to represent your love for the show and feel fully encapsulated in the series, a T-shirt is a perfect way to do it. The simple logo shirt is a prime way to bluntly show your love without any words needed, and you can head here to pick one up.

The Umbrella Academy journal so you can take notes while watching – $18.32

the umbrella academy

If you’re the type of person who likes to try to figure out what might happen next while watching a series, why not take notes for more accurate predictions? This journal comes with the classic umbrella logo etched into the front and is the perfect size to keep in your hands to jot down notes while checking out new episodes. Head here to pick up one for yourself.

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Music note lace-up shoes so you can show you’re shared love for music with Vanya – $15.99


If you’re a fan of Vanya Hargreeves, you know her passion for music, so while you’re sitting at home checking out the second season, you can show your shared passion with these shoes. They feature patches of musical notes all over a black exterior and can be picked up here

A pair of monkey earrings in honor of Pogo – $4.99

the umbrella academy

Everyone loves The Umbrella Academy’s super-smart chimpanzee friend Pogo. He’s vitally important to the history of the Hargreeves family, and you can show a subtle sign of respect for him with these bright and shiny monkey earrings. Click here to order a pair for yourself. 

A pair of The Umbrella Academy socks to keep your feet wrapped while watching – $5.52

TUA 10

If you’re looking for a fun way to keep cozy while jamming out on your couch and checking out season 2, these socks are a must-buy. They’re subtle with an umbrella logo at the top and a sleek black-and-white look overall. You can pick up a pair here 

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A watch ring so you can time travel just like Number Five – $10.32

the umbrella academy

One of Number Five’s superpowers is the ability to jump through time at will, and while this ring won’t allow you to do that, it will help you keep track of what time it is. This stretchy watch ring is a creative way to sport some jewelry and can be picked up here.  

A Kraken figurine for the Ben Hargreeves fans – $16.72


Number Six, aka Ben Hargreeves, is known for his ability to control tentacle creatures from the pit of his stomach, which is totally badass. This figure sports a spear with his tentacles being reminiscent of Number Six’s eldritch tentacles. You can get yours here

A Ben Hargreeves Funko Pop! vinyl figure to accompany your shelf – $12.50

the umbrella academy

Hot Topic has plenty of Funko Pop! vinyl figures available for the show’s characters, but few are quite as stunning as this glow-in-the-dark one for Number Six. It’s a Hot Topic exclusive, displaying four bright tentacles coming from his stomach, and can be picked up here.

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A Dragon Ball Super water bottle to show your strength like Number One – $11.92


Show how strong you are with this “Training To Be Legendary” Dragon Ball Super water bottle and feel like you have super strength just like Luther Hargreeves. If you’re a fan of the anime series, you can mesh your love for two amazing shows together while checking out the new season. Head here to get one for yourself.

A monocle sporting sloth T-shirt to feel fancy like Sir Reginald Hargreeves – $18.32

the umbrella academy

The father of the core characters in The Umbrella Academy wouldn’t look as dapper as he does without his monocle. While wearing one yourself might be a bit extra, a T-shirt should do the trick to capture his vibe. Luckily, Hot Topic loves sloths, and you can pick up a T-shirt with a sloth sporting a monocle here

A “Don’t Do Drugs” shirt to support Klaus Hargreeves’ sobriety – $19.92

TUA 15

While Klaus Hargreeves struggles with addiction issues throughout the series, he shows a desire to get sober at times. This T-shirt shows a demon comforting a child, and we’re sure Klaus would rock this shirt based on his attachment to the spirit world. Snag your own here.

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A spirit board ring set to get in touch with the dead like Klaus – $11.90

the umbrella academy

Klaus has the ability to contact spirits, and if you don’t have a Ouija board yourself, you can sport these rings to get the aesthetic on your hands. They come in a set of four rings, so you can comfortably bling out both hands without overdoing how many rings you’re rocking on your fingers. Head here to get a set.  

The Umbrella Academy eye mask to join the academy’s ranks yourself – $14.90


One commonality between all of the characters is their black-and-white eye masks, and you can get your very own from Hot Topic. Strap on a mask and get ready to fight crime, or just wear it while watching the show. You can pick one up here.

A leather jacket to capture Allison Hargreeves’ look – $39.92

the umbrella academy

Allison Hargreeves can be seen throughout the series wearing a sweet leather jacket, and you can get her look with this item. While not quite the exact same style, you can achieve that badass leather look pretty easily. Head here to pick one up for yourself.