5. “I Caught Myself” (Twilight (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), 2008)

Somehow “Decode” managed to get all of the attention over the second track Paramore wrote for the Twilight soundtrack. “I Caught Myself” is by far the more lyrically interesting track. While “Decode” is almost out of character, “I Caught Myself” is a particularly refined product of Paramore’s sound.

4. “Decoy” (The B Sides, 2014)

Recorded in 2007, this song has unbelievable performance power, which is probably why the only time it ever saw the light of day before The B Sides was during live shows. It’s a mystery to me why the song was never officially released until then, since it seems to fit perfectly in the Riot! tracklist. The song regularly had a place on the Riot! touring circuit and is still a fan favorite.

3. “In The Mourning” (Singles Club EP, 2011)

Paramore’s acoustic tracks (“Misguided Ghosts,” “The Only Exception”) have a special place in fans’ hearts, which might be why “In The Mourning” was so well received. The song was first premiered in a livestream, and was released on the Singles Club EP when it was met with such a positive response. After its release, the band performed it live, mashed up with “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac.

2. “All I Wanted” (Brand New Eyes, 2009)

The fact that there’s no known instance of this song being played live is probably the greatest tragedy of Paramore’s performance career. The opening electric guitar plucking is haunting from the start, and is only complemented by Hayley’s low serenade of “Think of me when you’re out, when you’re there/I’ll beg you nice from my knees.” The song, however, got its spot on this list because of the unbelievable octave change and crescendo about midway through the song. Again: how have they never played this live?

1. “Last Hope” (Paramore, 2013)

Okay, so “Last Hope” isn’t exactly a deep cut, considering the live video has racked up well over 10 million views on YouTube. But it’s easy to see why: every facet of the song is meticulously arranged, dynamically and melodically. The lone electric guitar in the opening is a soft entrance into a six-minute experience. After the background drops out for the bridge, Williams’ soft voice delivers achingly beautiful lyrics. As the drums set up intrigue with a heartbeat rhythm (“And the blood in these veins isn’t pumping any less than it ever has”), the catharsis still feels fresh every time when all the instruments come crashing back in for the chorus. Tears, every single time. “Last Hope” will probably inspire more lyric tattoos than any other song in Paramore’s discography, and is, in this writer’s humble opinion, the best song in the band’s entire body of work.

There are way too many fantastic Paramore tracks to fit every single one that deserved to be on this list. Which ones did we miss? Let us know in the comments.