Ice Nine Kills

Large crowds day after day proved that while Ice Nine Kills have been around for more than a decade, they still have all the enthusiasm and grind of a Warped first-timer. Expect big things from INK going forward, and be sure to catch them on their fall headlining tour with SECRETS, Sylar and others.


Silent Planet

Silent Planet are the band metalcore needs. Genuine lyricism, progressive instrumentation and a deep commitment to their genre separate them from a majority of their counterparts. Their sophomore studio album, Everything Was Sound, debuted on the Billboard Top 100.



A summer spent on Warped proved pop-punk upstarts Broadside are poised for big things. Their latest release, Old Bones, is out now on Victory Records. Look no further than their latest music video for “The Simple Type” to see their crowds and fan interactions while on Warped.


Old Wounds

The heaviest band on Warped this summer? Well, that’s debatable, but Old Wounds would definitely be a strong contender. Not only did they incite massive pits on a day-to-day basis, but vocalist Kevin Iavaroni performed alongside Motionless In White's Chris Motionless during one of Atreyu's sets. Summer well spent, boys.


Wage War

Wage War are making notable waves. Is it because A Day To Remember’s Jeremy McKinnon had a hand in their Fearless Records debut, Blueprints? It certainly doesn’t hurt. Regardless, it was a good summer for the Florida natives making a name for themselves on Warped. Keep an eye out for their next move.