Zim from Invader Zim

Everyone had a friend like Zim growing up. He was the totally misunderstood kid who just wanted to fit in, and maybe take over the world while he was at it. Though Zim is a little more outspoken than most emo kids, his emotional drive and obsession with impending doom (part 2) land him on this list.


Eduardo from Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends

Eduardo might look scary with his big horns, sharp teeth and killer skull belt, but he’s a gentle giant who’s actually scared of quite a lot. Throughout most of Eduardo’s adventures at Foster’s he’s an open book emotionally, constantly sharing his feelings with his friends Wilt, Bloo and Coco.


Goth Kids from South Park

They’re not vamp kids, OK? They’re fricken goth. And also 100 percent emo, even if they deny it. Henrietta, Michael, Pete and Firkle, aka the Goth Kids of South Park Elementary, might hate Hot Topic, but they sure do love black clothes, heavy eyeliner and reciting poetry about death and despair. They’re also known to be fans of bands such as My Medical Relationship, Zaozin and Fall Out Boy.


Mandy from The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy

The title of this show says it all: Mandy doesn’t go on regular adventures; she goes on grim adventures. Mandy is probably the most cynical 9-year-old kid around and her best friend is the Grim Reaper, himself. If that isn’t enough, it’s prophesied that her smiling will signify the end of the world. She’s probably a huge fan of Hawthorne Heights and everything Yellowcard released after Ocean Avenue.


Daria from Beavis And Butt-Head and Daria

Daria became much more of a realized and developed character when she got her own TV show, thus making her even more emo than her time with Beavis and Butt-Head. By the time she was in high school with Jane Lane, she was a fan of the show Sick, Sad World and an avid journal keeper. Also, once again, look at those bangs.