The 10 most underrated releases of 2016 (so far)

August 5, 2016
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Outgrown Things Movements

“Worst Wishes”


Somewhere in the vein of post-hardcore/emo, Movements give you time to feel and reflect on your life with Outgrown Things. If you want to hear something heartfelt, this album is for you.

Back Home Michael Barr

“Back Home”

You may know Michael Barr from his past work in Volumes, but Barr has reinvented himself, and it’s brilliant. Back Home is a new start, and the departure from metalcore to this indie pop venture is artist and beautiful.

The Dream Is OverPup



The Dream Is Over is about being a mess and fighting through. After lead singer Stefan Babcock struggled with severe vocal cord damage after their relentless touring schedule in 2015, the entire group rallied around him to create a fast, angry and cathartic album.

Distant Like You Asked Like Pacific



Signed to Pure Noise Records, Like Pacific are starting to gaining a lot of attention with their latest release. The aggressive pop-punk effort Distant Like You Asked gives you a personal journey of struggle, self-doubt and heartache that is easily relatable.

Everything Was SoundSilent Planet



Everything Was Sound aims to simply make the world a more aware, better place. Songs that are heavy enough to satisfy any metalhead tackle topics such as mental illness, acceptance, violence and love. This is one of the best metalcore albums in recent years.

Written by Tyler O'Neil