Cute Is What We Aim For graced us with some of the scene’s best lyrics (and hair—long live Shaant Hacikyan’s swoopy bangs) on 2006’s The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch. Ten years later, they’re honoring its legacy with an anniversary tour in Australia this August. (Fingers crossed more dates are announced soon.) Relive the album through some of its standout lyrics:

“Newport Living”

Because there’s nothing worse than selling your soul and ending up falling short: “You are a sell out/But you couldn't even do that right/So your price tag has been slashed/And now you're chillin' on a half-priced clearance rack”

“There’s A Class For This”

Using self deprecation as witty lyrical content was a regular go-to for the pop-rock outfit: “Drama doesn't follow me, it rides on my back/I may be ugly, but they sure love to stare/Drama doesn't follow me, it rides on my back/I may be ugly, but they sure, but they sure, love to stare/And you check labels more than the FCC, and these calories are, are killing me/But this is a sticky situation/So keep your chest in the game/And drop your jaw and coax me (just coax me, just coax me)”

“Finger Twist & Split”

Nothing inspires confidence quite like a fresh swipe of Lip Smackers or sassy one-liners: “Apply that lip-gloss like it's your job/You know you're his heartthrob”


Metaphors are the basis of some of the most thought-provoking lyrics, and this one is no exception: “I got birds in my ears/And a devil on my shoulder/And a phone to the other/And I can't get a hold of her/And what's a crush to do?/And what's a crush to do when he can't get through?”

“Sweat The Battle Before The Battle Sweats You”

Perspiration has never been so catchy: “You hike your skirt/And pull your shirt down/To give those gents what they crave/Because as you say/You love to save, to save/Now let’s, let’s backtrack and back it up/We have a whole lot to prove/Let the sweat drop/Calm, collected and cunning/Watch those jaws drop/The sweat is still running”

“The Fourth Drink Instinct”

Truer words have never been sung about drunken misadventures: “He said it was a one night stand/But the alcohol didn't let her understand/Yeah, he said it was a one night stand/A one night stand/So what made you think that he couldn't find a door in the morning/When he found that bed so easily in the dark”

“Sweet Talk 101”

The gang vocal harmonizing really hits this one home: “The arch in your eyebrows can tell the truth/Just imagine what your back can do/And the dance floor where I do my best/Is your, your mattress/I just gave myself the shivers/And that's what you get when you think about her/And I just gave myself the shivers/And that's what you get, that's what you get.”

“The Curse Of Curves”

Because who didn’t pull one of these lines for an angsty AIM away message or Myspace photo caption back in the day?: “I've got the gift of one liners/And you've got the curse of curves/And with this gift I compose words/And the question that comes forward/Are you perspiring from the irony/Or are you sweating to these lyrics/And this just in/You're a dead fit/But my wit won't allow it/The inside lingo had me at hello/And we go where the money goes/The inside lingo had me at hello/And we go where the money goes/I want someone provocative and talkative/But it's so hard when you're shallow as a shower/And from what I've heard with skin you'll win”

“I Put The ‘Metro’ In Metronome”

Just classic sassy observations from Shaant: “Style doesn't matter when you're on your back/Just remember that fact, just remember that/Style doesn't matter when you're on your back/Your clothes won't fit the season/Uptown girls are as good as gold downtown/Or suburban gents like me've been told/Good as gold/Suburban urgency has got the best of me”

“Lyrical Lies”

The acoustic backing on this one really gave it that added emotional touch: “And you want to be dressed in poetry/But imagery doesn't fit/And you want resizing/But darling dear get a grip/And I think what I just wrote is going over my head/I'm stealing lines from myself/And what I said was never said/It's just a lyrical lie/Made up in my mind”



The pronunciation of “swoon” really well, swoons, setting the mood for the rest of the track and proving that knowledge of onomatopoeia can indeed be used outside of your high school English class: “Swoon this is the same old blood rush with a new touch/I am safe, quaint and eloquent/But my bottom lip along with the top one too/Is chapped and it's all thanks to you/We all wet our lips to prepare for the kiss/But it never came/And we all wet our lips to prepare for the kiss/It was but a game”


“Teasing To Please (Left Side, Strong Side)”

Opening as one of the slower tracks on the album, this verse stands out as it picks it up: “I'm selfish as selfish comes/You're giving me a run/For my money, honey/Cause conflict and make your top pick/Re-stitch my ripped jeans and take the old ones/And take the old ones out back/Sew them tight at the seams please/I've got so many ripped knees, ripped knees”