Panic! At The Disco – “Crazy = Genius”

Death Of A Bachelor proved Brendon Urie’s Panic! At The Disco were destined for stardom, taking the band to never-before-reached heights (a No. 1 spot on the Billboard Top 200). As if he sensed that success before it actually came, “Crazy = Genius” is essentially Urie giving the middle finger to anyone who doubted him—in a graceful, poetic way, of course. By combining old fashioned, big band style melodies with a powerhouse of a chorus, the track is indicative that Urie’s special brand of crazy is most certainly genius. —Caitlyn Ralph


PUP – “Doubts”

Contrary to the album's title, the dream is far from over for PUP, who are putting in work for their well-earned, timely popularity. “Doubts” is as brave as it is raucous and angry, and it makes me want to break up with someone just so I can sing along even louder. —Kika Chatterjee


The Ready Set – “Disappearing Act”

The pastel-pop single “Disappearing Act” from the Ready Set’s Hopeless comeback I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love is what may happen if Jordan Witzigreuter joined the 1975, turned up the volume a notch or nine and started hanging out with your Warped Tour homies. It’s impossible to listen to the song once, as you’ll soon find yourself humming about disappearing acts getting old and aching for a fix of this sweet song to cure it. Cassie Whitt


The Summer Set – “Figure Me Out”

Vocalist Brian Dales first posted about this single with the caption “This is the most honest song I’ve ever written.” It shows: The Summer Set nearly broke up last year, but creating this album brought them back to their roots. Jam out to this chorus whenever you need a pick-me-up. —Mackenzie Hall


The 1975 – “Somebody Else”

When I heard “Somebody Else,” I momentarily felt the world stop. You know when you hear a song for the first time and you can feel the world shift? From that second, you know you’ll never be able to not love this band? Yeah. That happened. “Somebody Else” starts slow, but later develops into a hip-moving, head bobbing song of heartbreak. Is it wrong to groove to a song of sadness? —Kiley Wellendorf


Twenty One Pilots – “Heathens”

This track grabbed me immediately when I got to hear a preview. Knowing that it’s tied to one of my most-anticipated comic-nerd movies just makes it all the more awesome. —Josh Bernstein