The Color Morale are premiering their new track “Clip Paper Wings,” taken off their new album Desolate Divine, set to drop Aug. 19.

Frontman Garret Rapp says this song is what helped him move on and find togetherness in his life. “'Clip Paper Wings' was written around the imagery of a relative sky that separates two people. The 'constant north' refers to someone I was involved with on and off for years whom I never really learned to let go of. To move on is to grow, so I guess I found this song necessary as a departure from that person,” says Rapp. “This song also applies to the idea of someone separated from one's own identity. I started using the imagery of a plastic bag and dog eared page because I started writing this song with the first line and never went back to it. I’m happy I did. When I listen to this I feel a sense of togetherness, even through a separation or a lack of stability in myself.” 

Check out the group's new track below, and leave us your thoughts in the comments!

Track listing:

1. Lonesome Soul
2. Clip Paper Wings
3. Walls
4. Trail Of Blood
5. Version Of Me
6. Home Bittersweet Home
7. Misery Hates Company
8. Perfect Strangers
9. Broken Vessel
10. Fauxtographic Memory
11. Keep Me In My Body