Last week, we introduced you to goth pop duo The Haxans, which features Ash Costello of New Years Day and Matt Montgomery of Rob Zombie. And now that you know all about their creepy, kooky project, it's time you've heard it. 

“Chains,” the first track released from the band showcases the pair's knack for making the spooky groovy. All signs are pointing toward this band's being your perfect Halloween soundtrack. 

“The Haxans is like a '70s spook-show club dance party,” explains Costello. “The song ‘Chains’ is the first song that we recorded together and it has such a groovy vibe. The lyrics are about someone who is like a ghost in your life. Someone that just won’t go away. This song is the direct message to them.”

Stay tuned for more information about the project, coming soon! 

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