The Haxans are gearing up for the release of their new album, Party Monsters, and they’ve released the track to celebrate a proper kickoff to the Halloween season, “Black Cat Bone.” Not to mention, the music video is a Halloween party of epic proportions.

The goth pop duo, consisting of Ash Costello and Matt Montgomery, explain that the track truly sets the tone for this record.

“‘Black Cat Bone’ was one of our earliest songs. It kinda set the tone for our record, and really helped get the party started,” Montgomery explains. “But now every party has a potential party crasher, and this one in our video just wouldn't quit! I think everyone probably has one of those in their life somewhere. At one point they were invited, but somewhere along the way they crossed some lines.”

And this song is a special one for Costello, who loves that it makes up a little bit of each slice of the “entire Haxans pie.”

“I love every Haxans song, but ‘Black Cat Bone’ holds a special place in my heart,” Costello says. “It's the perfect marriage between classic rock and dance rhythms. The icing on the cake are Matt's deep vocals! It's a Halloween party must that will keep you shakin' a feather year round. It's also one of the very first songs we did together for The Haxans, it embodies a little bit of each slice that makes up the entire Haxans pie!”

Give the video for “Black Cat Bone” a watch below:

And with a love for all things creepy, Party Monsters will be hitting stores on Oct. 13, which also happens to be Friday the 13th. It's currently available for preorder here.

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