Annually, Alternative Press unleashes the monster that is the “100 Bands You Need To Know ” special, highlighting artists we think are on-the-rise and will take off in the coming year or that we simply enjoy and think you need to hear.

And, when you think about it (or even glance at it), you know that 100 is a massive number. So, what goes into our 100 Bands special? This year, we're breaking it down–from the creation, to the artists populating the special themselves and to the year's patterns and trends!

We start today with the creation of the monster. What goes into selecting and writing about 100 Bands? Check out the graphic below and stay tuned the rest of the week as we continue to break the special down graphically!

You can pre-order AP #297, 100 Bands You Need To Know In 2013 now.

(Designed by Shannon Sullivan)