In many ways, the members of your favorite bands are just like you: living, breathing humans with wants and needs, triumphs and disappointments, good days and bad days. Generally, most of them also celebrate Thanksgiving in one way or another, whether it’s at home with their immediate families or on the road with their makeshift families. With Turkey Day on the horizon, thought it prudent to poll members of some of the scene’s most prominent bands to find out what they’re thankful for—we’ll let the quotes speak for themselves.

“I am first off thankful for my family because they have supported me and my dreams since ninth grade when I started this band! Also, my band—we are brothers for sure and have seen the best and got through the worst, look forward to the future with these guys! And of course all the kids who support this band we consider you all friends of ours for sure and we don’t ever take what we do or you for granted! Much love and Happy Turkey Day!” —Matt Arsenault, A Loss For Words

“We’re thankful for our fans, our friends, our families, and the amazing opportunity we have to make music and play it around the world… and for getting bitches on the reg.” —Alex Gaskarth, All Time Low

“I’m thankful that I have a doctor that prescribes pain killers because without them I wouldn’t be as interesting or witty. In fact I can’t tell you even if I have legs because I haven’t felt them in at least a year. Thank you to my insurance as well for making the pills cheaper than my current dinner.” —Vincent Fiorello, Less Than Jake

“I’m thankful to have the opportunity to wake up in a new city every day while doing what I love. Also for every single person that has made everything Of Mice And Men is, possible. So blessed to be living in a dream come true.” —Austin Carlile, Of Mice And Men

“As touring and recording musicians we have a large host of things to be thankful for considering we lead a unique and gifted lifestyle—as Piebald said “We have the best job ever.” But at the end of the day, the number one thing to be thankful for is the listeners and fans of our bands, whether they buy records, tickets, t-shirts or just plain listen to our music. Without them we couldn’t exist in the same capacity that we do, so thanks for listening!” —Justin Collier, Man Overboard

“Hey, we are thankful for our health, and the constant support from our friends, girlfriends, and families to push this band.” —Pianos Become The Teeth

“I’m thankful most for all the friends that keep us comfortable while we’re out on the road. Meals, showers, places to sleep—when you’re forced to live on a budget the generosity of all of those friends around the country is really amazing. Without that, touring would be a lot less fun.” —Tim Friesen, Close Your Eyes

“First and foremost, I’m thankful for my wonderful and loving family and friends. Without their unwavering support, I would have never been able to achieve my dream of being in a band. I don’t really care if it sounds cliche, but I’m super thankful for all of the wonderful Hawthorne Heights fans out there. Their support has carried us through both good and bad times. There is no doubt in my mind that without them, we wouldn’t still be here. —Eron Bucciarelli, Hawthorne Heights

“I think we are all thankful for our sanity. Two-thirds of this band have been playing together for almost 13 years and it’s amazing that we haven’t killed one another.” —Nightmares For A Week

“We are thankful to have the opportunity to experience cultures outside of our own, which touring has granted us. It is an education that we may have never received otherwise.” —Alex Kerns, Lemuria

“I’m thankful to be able to travel around the world watching great bands, and close friends perform every night for amazing crowds. It’s truly something special to be able to do something you love for a living. Even if I thought it was never going to be a possibility, the best decision I ever made was to dive in head first. That’s what I am thankful for.” —Kevin Skaff, A Day To Remember

“When Thanksgiving comes around there is always so much to be thankful for. It;s a very special holiday for me; I’m surrounded by my closest friends and family and my birthday is around the same time. It leaves me to be thankful for so much. Every Thanksgiving, since I was a baby, my family and I go out to my parents’ farm. There’s always an abundance of amazing food and family that I don’t get to see very often because of travel.

Since I’m only 21, being in a band with your best friends and traveling the world together is something I will always be incredibly thankful for as well. If my 14 year old self could see what I have accomplished so far in my life, he would absolutely lose it. I’m so thankful to be surrounded by love and friendship everywhere that I go. Thanksgiving is by far one of my favorite holidays and I look forward to it every year.” —Slade Echeverria, Anarbor

“We’re thankful for the support and loyalty of our fans. We couldn’t do it without their dedication, and because of them, we get to continue following our dreams of making music.” —Chris Conley, Saves The Day

“I’m thankful for my family and friends and the fact that I live in an age where almost any information that I want or need is at the tip of my fingers through technology and the Internet. If my great grand-folks new the kind of things available to me and my generation, I bet they’d shit their horse and buggies.” —Nick Thompson, Hit The Lights

“We’re eternally thankful to be part of the music community. As my best friend and brother laid on an operating table fighting for his life (and quite literally flatlining at times), an international community of music passionists came together and quite literally saved his life. From fans (of all genres), bands, festivals (Warped Tour, Soundwave, Sonisphere) to anyone who so much as thought about Matthew/Madina at the time, we’re eternally grateful. We were told he’d possibly never play again and instead, we’ve just started our first European tour in almost two years in support of our new record.” —Nathan Leone, Madina Lake

“I’m thankful for huge things like: Living in the USA where I can think, believe and speak freely, and my awe-inspiring family for their support and love. I’m also thankful for all the little things like monster trucks, the statue of liberty, the ocean, the universe and Slayer. Ya’ know, those little things.” —Cory Brandan, Norma Jean

“I think we are all very thankful to have very supportive families and loved ones, who deal with us being gone eight months out of the year, and don’t really give us crap for it.  We are definitely thankful for all the fans across the world, who continue to buy merch, come out to our shows, and generally just support us any way they can. And last but certainly not least, we are extremely thankful for all the people on our team, who work hard around the clock to help us further our musical career, because we would not be where we are or have the things we have without their help!” —Devon Hubbard, Such Gold

“We have more than enough to be thankful for, but we are most thankful for how loyal our fans have been over the course of our young career. Even through the many member changes, the occasional cancelled shows, and some past controversies, our fans have stayed true as FUCK to our [S] family. We will never leave you, never forget you, and always be here for you. You all are the reason we are here doing what we love, and the reason we do this day in and day out. This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for our [S] Army.” —Woe, Is Me

“This past year has left Defeater with a collage of things to be thankful for. We’re so thankful for anyone who has listened to our record and given us the chance to share art with friends all over the world. We’re thankful for Waffle House, and crispy potato soft tacos at Taco Bell. We’re thankful for the Flatliners. For cliff jumping in Australia. For Miles Away, La Dispute, Bane, Native, Fires of Waco, Former Thieves, and Dead End Path. For La Dispute and Touche Amore playing across town after our show in Cologne. We’re thankful for safe drives for us and our friends. Thanks to anyone reading this. Let’s keep this thing going.” —Jake Woodruff, Defeater

“This Thanksgiving I am more aware of how grateful I am to have my family than I think I’ve ever been. We recently lost my Aunt to cancer and without each other, I don’t know what we would do.” —Ryan Key, Yellowcard

“I am thankful for being a Canadian that tours America; it often means I get to celebrate twice!  Some of my favorite memories on tour are from American Thanksgivings that we spent with families of our crew members. We’d roll up, park the bus outside their house and get our tofurky on!” —Josh Bradford, Silverstein

“I’m thankful for being a dual citizen, which means I get to celebrate both Thanksgivings. Not only do I have two passports with ease of travel between North America, but I get twice the amount of tofu than most people. Maybe it’s an excuse to cook a ton of food and pig out, but I’ll take any chance I can get for a big vegetarian feast!” —Paul Koehler, Silverstein

“I am thankful for being fortunate enough to be able to travel in different countries and learn of various cultures across the world. Thanksgiving is also the most perfect time to pig out on tofurky and my mom’s apple pie. Being with family is important to me and this holiday is a great time be with them.” —Neil Boshart, Silverstein

“I am thankful for the people who support my band in all of our endeavors, and in doing so, allow me the opportunity to travel the world doing what I love. I truly enjoy my job and I feel incredibly lucky to be counted among the fortunate few who are even able to survive playing music in this day and age.” —Matt Wilson, Set Your Goals