[Photo by: Paul Harries]

Ever heard of the Lounge Kittens before?

If you haven’t, just imagine Richard Cheese fathering a trio of vivacious, colorful, talented ladies who effortlessly ooze sass.

Hailing from the British seaside town of Southampton, Jenny Deacon, Timia Gwendoline and Zan Lawther have been regulars on the U.K. live scene for the past few years. They’ve introduced Limp Bizkit onstage at a festival with an acapella rendition of “Rollin’,” supported sleaze-meisters Steel Panther on a 21-date tour and also covered some of our favorite rock and metal hits, many of which are accompanied by their very own weird and wonderful video.

Here are our top 10 favorites, for your aural and visual pleasure:

1. AC/DC – “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”

Zan: AC/DC: What song do you pick? Because they’re all bangers. Every single one is an anthem. I saw them in 2010 and they’re still in my top five gigs of all time—absolutely epic.
Jenny: They were the first rock band that I ever listened to. My dad used to look after me and my brother whilst my mum had a night out. She’d come home and we’d be screaming “Big Balls” at the top of our voices as our dad was playing it to us on vinyl!

2. Aerosmith – “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing”

Timia: It’s the stalker’s anthem—you watch people while they’re sleeping? You freak! Imagine waking up and seeing somebody’s face like that. You should really go to sleep—you’ve been awake for days!
Jenny: That song came to me in the middle of the night. I was in bed and I thought that it’s such a cheesy song. How can we completely turn it on its head and make it the creepiest song of all time? We really do appreciate Aerosmith for the legends that they are, though. They are such a legendary band.

3. Alice Cooper – “Poison”

Zan: This was the first song that we ever sat down to arrange together. We got to meet Alice Cooper at London’s Stone Free Festival last year and his manager, the infamous Shep Gordon, came out and watched us sing probably the worst version of “Poison” that we’ve ever sung! We were so nervous.
Jenny: When we did meet Alice Cooper, there were about 15 people watching us. He was so nice though!

4. Andrew W.K. – “Party Hard”

Zan: We shot this entire video in one day and there are seven different party scenes. Costumes changes, makeup changes. The end of the shoot was the UV rave scene, which we shot in my garage in November at 11 p.m. and it was absolutely freezing. We’d been shooting since 7 a.m.! Andrew W.K. has seen it.
Timia: He said we were “Three of the partiest Kittens I know”!

5. Limp Bizkit – “Rollin’”

Zan: This was our first-ever video. I tweeted it to Fred Durst two days after it came out, in February 2014 and he retweeted it, saying, “Loving it.” Then all of a sudden, everything crashed! My phone started going mental because Fred posted it on all of the band’s social media channels. Then there were several months of chatting to Fred occasionally and him saying, “I really want to see you guys play,” and we were like, “Yeah, yeah, okay, that’s not going to happen, is it?” But Fred made it happen. We got to work with Limp Bizkit at Sonisphere Festival 2014—they got us up onstage to open their show.
Timia: We opened “Rollin’” with the first couple of bars acapella and then they took over with their version of it. This video launched us.