The Dillinger Escape Plan – TBA

Dillinger Escape Plan frontman Greg Puciato has been climbing personal artistic highs with mainstream metal (Killer Be Killed) and compelling, next-level electronic/industrial rock (the Black Queen). DEP founder/guitar fulcrum Ben Weinman looks poised to achieve similar visibility with his all-star band Giraffe Tongue Orchestra. So where do all of these dalliances leave the mighty DEP? This writer is betting on a more unhinged, hateful and even more uncompromising release that's the aural equivalent of a dead man's switch on an IED. People, we live in bleak times, and it is the responsibility of a generation's art to convey the psychic cultural climate. Who better to convey that than the crew who have pushed their minds, bodies and vision harder than the legion of hard-rock careerists ever have? Besides, a new DEP record is still safer than falling into a crucible of molten tungsten. —Jason Pettigrew


Moose BloodBlush

Armed with their pristine debut album I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time, U.K.’s Moose Blood said hello to the States for the first time last summer on Warped Tour. Less than a year later, and Moose Blood have signed to Hopeless Records, readying to release their sophomore LP, Blush, in August. The ideal is for Blush to maintain the organic charm from I’ll Keep You In Mind while elevating Moose Blood’s beautifully simple tracks to the next level. If “Honey” and “Knuckles” are any indication, Blush will keep those promises, plus some. —Caitlyn Ralph


Sum 4113 Voices

Comebacks be damned—”Fake My Own Death,” the first single off of Sum's forthcoming record, would lead you to believe they never left. I'm not one of those pop-punk kids who paid my dues with New Found Glory and Blink-182 and back-catalogs, but it doesn't take a history lesson to know that Sum 41's album will be well worth the wait. —Kika Chatterjee


Waterparks – TBA

Waterparks simply will not let us live. They’ve been teasing about recording a new album and allegedly finished it right before they headed out on Warped Tour. We’re hoping it comes out this fall—and maybe vocalist Awsten Knight’s beef with DJ Khaled will peak and they’ll release an entire LP of diss tracks. —Mackenzie Hall


Young The GiantHome Of The Strange

California-based Young The Giant creates strong anthems, and their single “Amerika” is a prime example. It tells the tale of a quest, accompanied by light traces of an xylophone and a steady drum beat. It’s simple, but singer Sameer Gadhia’s vocal range on lines like “I’ve been looking for so long, in Amerika” transforms the song from coffeeshop music to athletic warm-up jam. Home Of The Strange, the band’s third album, will be an album that anyone can sink their teeth into. —Kiley Wellendorf