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Sure, we all have our fave bands we want to see at Warped Tour. But really, don’t you want to see something new? Of course you do, that’s why you clicked on this link in the first place. Here are the AP editors’ picks for bands who are worth standing in the blazing heat and glaring sun to witness.

STORY: Brittany Moseley
6/15 – 7/13
Kevin Says

Real Friends | Alternative Press“It was the greatest summer of my life and the worst summer of my life.” Kyle Fasel is recalling the first time he played Warped Tour in 2010 with his previous band, Breathe Electric. The worst parts: sharing a van with eight other people and little sleep. The best part: playing Warped Tour. Now that he’s picked up a few tips on how to survive Punk Rock Summer Camp, Fasel, bassist for Chicago pop-punk band Real Friends, is excited to spend a couple weeks out of his summer playing Warped. “You grow up going to Warped Tour; everyone knows Warped Tour,” he says. “That was one of my things when I started growing up and was in bands. I was like, ‘I want to play Warped Tour.’ It was one of the big goals on my list. On a personal level, it’s a big deal to know that you did that and accomplished it.”

Since their inception three years ago, Real Friends have released a handful of EPs, including their latest Put Yourself Back Together, which came out in June. And they’ve done it all without a record label, building their name up on their own, and, as Fasel is quick to point out, with the help of their growing fanbase. “I think we’re a fan-generated band,” he explains. “Anything that we’ve done is fueled by our fans, from posting stuff online to keeping that buzz around. We definitely owe it to all our fans.”

 The only thing that could put a slight damper on Real Friends’ Warped Tour experience? The epic heat. Fortunately, Fasel isn’t too concerned. “That’s really the only thing I’m not looking forward to. Everything else is great. I was just saying I wish Warped Tour was in the fall so it wouldn’t be so hot. It’s really all worth it, though. If the heat is the most of our worries, then whatever. I’m not worried about it.” 

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Ernie Ball

Crossfaith | Alternative PressWhen we caught up with frontman Kenta Koie of international metalcore wall-breakers Crossfaith, he was fresh off the first AP Tour Japan, where his tourmates (and Warped veterans) the Used and Silverstein offered some advice for the band’s first U.S. Warped run. “They told us Warped Tour is fucking hard for a new band.” 

True. Bands both new and old can attest to the difficulties of surviving the traveling festival. From the early mornings to the grueling heat to even so much as making the trip from one city to the next, it’s a no air-conditioned walk to the green room.

Still, the reality of Warped hasn’t diluted Crossfaith’s long-lived dream to play it. “My first time being around Warped Tour was listening to a Warped Tour compilation album,” says Koie. “In 2005, I bought the CD when I was a high school student. I [discovered] Atreyu, Underoath and a lot of other great bands. I thought, ‘I want to be there. I want to be playing Warped Tour,’ so it’s been a big dream for a long time.” With the full conviction they will “blow out” the tour, Crossfaith are ready to take on an audience that is more their speed this summer. “We would like to break [through] the walls of Japan to Western culture music.”

In their native Osaka, Japan, Crossfaith find themselves battling a music scene that is more enamored with sugar-laden pop acts (“Fucking K-Pop,” Koie sneers, laughing. “I fucking hate it”) than of Crossfaith’s aggressive tech-metal. Just don’t be quick to lump them in with America’s metalcore minions. “I think now people call us a ‘scene’ band in the States,” says Koie. “I don’t like that style; there are so many similar bands. It’s fucking boring. It sucks.” >>>