Red hearts in every card-store window and commercials for last-minute flowers can only mean one thing: Capitalism works pretty well. Also, it must be Valentine's Day. How can you combine your love of consumerism with your love of love? Pick up an album perfect for gettin' close to your respective love interest. But what album would that be? We asked a few of our favorite musicians to let us know what they listen to when the lights are turned down low and the inhibitions are turned down even lower. –Tim Karan

Deftones' White Pony (2000, Capitol)
Deftones - White Pony 'Not only does Chino Moreno have a voice that makes girls go fucking crazy, but the band also have so much groove and style that causes this sexual angst. White Pony has such an extremely sexual persona. Even with their heavier songs, there are these nonstop, intense grooves that are perfect for sexual activity. Even the lyrics pull you right into that laid-back yet aggressive mood that makes you want to light candles and drain the life out of your partner.' –Douglas Robinson“>

// VIEW THE LIST HERE Placebo's Meds (2006, Virgin)
Placebo - Meds 'I couldn't give you a definitive answer as to why this record is so beautiful. It could be the lyrical content or the way the beat drives, but it definitely is the perfect backdrop for pleasure and pain.' –Wil Francis“>
Dragonforce's 'Cry For Eternity' from Inhuman Rampage (2006, Roadrunner)
Dragonforce - Inhuman Rampage - Cry for Eternity 'The best music for a little bit of old-fashioned horizontal get-down is a little song I like to call 'Cry For Eternity' by a little musical collective I like to call DragonForce. Why? Let me break it down for you. It goes a little something like this: There's nothing like sweating, tossing and turning with visions of double-bass tumbling through Elysian Fields laced with nubile maidens forever waiting to be conquered by my noble prince… uhh… I mean a noble prince.' –Nathaniel Motte “>
House Music All Night Long (2008, Merge)
'I would say to get your bump on to have some really hard pounding house-techno music on. The hard bass drops will get the water running and the 'make some noise' yell will pitch up tents.' –Jesse Korman“>

Coldplay's Parachutes (2000, Capitol)
Coldplay - Parachutes 'I might be gay for liking Coldplay, as per the quote from The 40- Year-Old Virgin, but I can't think of a record that sets a better mood for a night of good lovin'. Seriously, if I'm alone with my girlfriend, I can put this record on and the clothes basically take themselves off. There's something about the overall tone of this album that is soothing and makes me want to to snuggle close.' — Aaron Stern“>
Something Corporate's North (2003, Drive-Thru/Geffen)
Something Corporate - North 'When I heard 'Miss America' for the first time, I happened to be with a few friends and some ladies at a house, then bam! I said, 'Want to make out?' I believe that was my pick-up line and it worked! Thank you, Andrew McMahon.' –Cash Colligan“>
Greatest Hits (2007, Bad Boy)
'Come on, you can't beat that song! Valentine's Day doesn't have to be boring with your candies and flowers and all that crap. B.I.G. makes it interesting.' –Ryan O'Connor“>