10 things emo kids did despite Mom telling them “no”
[Photo by: a2.ec-images.myspacecdn.com]

Emo kids are just like every other teenager. Except while the homecoming queen was out at a college frat party, you were probably sitting in your bedroom listening to MCR while your best friend held a dull sewing needle to your lower lip. A few seconds and a small puddle of blood later, you had a shiny new pair of snake bites—much to your mother’s dismay. Here are 10 things emo kids are notorious for doing despite their parents telling them “no.”

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1. Stick and poke tattoos

So Mom said that she wouldn’t cosign for you to get a tattoo at 16, huh? Never fear, that same best friend who gave you snake bites has a full bottle of Higgins calligraphy ink and will have no second thoughts about tattooing “RAWR” on your left arm.

2. Going to Warped Tour

Sure, you’re definitely going to “Jenny’s house” on Saturday. For some reason, moms think Warped Tour is the place where scene kids go to worship the devil. No Mom, we just go there to get really sunburnt and spend $8 on a corn dog.

3. Coontails

Even if Mom did say no to this, you found a way to order clip-in extensions on eBay. This was an even better alternative because you could take them out before she got home from work and avoid the consequences.

4. Dying your hair any unnatural color, for that matter

Luckily, most temporary dyes wash out within five rinses.

5. Ripping the nice jeans she got you from JCPenney

We have used the phrase, “No Mom, I got these at Goodwill” a few too many times. She definitely knew.

6. Cutting thumbholes in your sweatshirt

Not only did it ruin the sweatshirt, it got the sleeves so disgustingly dirty. Your parents paid good money for that.

7. Piercings on piercings on piercings

Whether it was your nose, your lip or your tongue, Mom did not approve of that piercing, and you definitely spent the majority of your time hiding it from her.

8. Wearing too much eyeliner

Applying black liquid liner to your waterline before first period became a part of your daily routine.

9. A shopping trip to Hot Topic

After your first attempt to bring Mom into your favorite store of all time, she swore she would never take you back. If she was nice, she would let you browse while she flipped through the clearance section at Macy’s.

10. Getting a Myspace or Tumblr

We know your screen name wasn’t “XxGerardBaexX” or “uwugoth666” for nothing. You were hiding that shit from your mom, Jessica.