Things you should never say to a pop-punk kid

November 13, 2017
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[Photo by: Kane Hibberd]

The pop punk genre is one that most hold near and dear to their heart. Yes, it has it's haters, but the diehards are quick to come to the defense of pop punk. We take our friends, our flannel and our pizza seriously, so allow me to help you out by giving you some examples of things you should never say to a pop-punk kid.

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“This town isn't THAT bad…”

a day to remember

[Gif by: The Odyssey]

Yes, it is. Why else would I want get out of this town with my friends?

“You can't stage dive to this song”

stage dive

[Gif by: Fool's Gold Records/Giphy]

Oh, yeah? Watch me!

“Dad hats aren't cool”

dad hat

[Gif by: Switchfoot/Giphy]

Well, I have one for each of my favorite bands, so…

“You don't have to defend pop punk”

defend pop punk jarrod alonge

[Gif by: The Band Bloggers]

But if I don't, who will?

“The local pizza place is out of pepperoni”

jarrod alonge pop punk pizza

[Gif by: knucklepuckpucktrash/Tumblr]

You shut your mouth.

“State Champs? State Champs of what?”

state champs

[Gif by: statechampsny/Tumblr]

State Champs of pop punk, pizza and all things good in this world, OK?

“I hate your khaki shorts”

ben barlo neck deep

[Gif by: weheartit]

Ben Barlow said it best.

“You have too many flannels”

jarrod alonge flannel

[Gif by: rebloggy/Tumblr]

Well, that's not true. You can never have too many flannels. 

“Every pop-punk band sounds the exact same”

state champs

[Gif by: statechampsny/Tumblr]

Probably the most irritating thing you can ever say to a pop-punk kid.

“Hardstyle isn't a cool pose for pictures”

hardstyle pose

[Gif by: ragercker1212/YouTube]

But it's my No. 1 go-to pose…

“Every female-fronted band sounds like Paramore”

paramore ignorance

[Gif by: favim/Giphy]

Preach, Hayley Williams. Preach. 

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