8. “Sally’s Song” – Amy Lee (Evanescence)

Amy Lee’s voice is PERFECT for this song. If there’s ever a Nightmare Before Christmas remake can we cast Lee as Sally? Please?

9. “This Is Halloween” – Patty Walters

The As It Is frontman posted this bad boy on YouTube back in 2013, but his screamo cover is still a definite favorite.

10. “Jack’s Lament” – All American Rejects

This song sounds like it was made for the All-American Rejects.

11. “What’s This” – NateWantsToBattle

NateWantsToBattle takes “What’s This” and gives it an edge we never knew it needed before now.

12. “This Is Halloween” – Nick Pitera

How is Nick doing ALL of this with his voice?!

13. “This Is Halloween” – PelleK

Norwegian metal/rock vocalist PelleK takes the movie classic and gives it a metal twist.

Which The Nightmare Before Christmas cover is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!