[Photo courtesy Chad Hess]

Atlanta’s Whores. last graced us with their noisy brand of rock ‘n’ roll via 2013's EP Clean. After three years, we’ve got a just a tiny bit longer to wait for some new tunes. (Their debut LP GOLD drops October 28 on eOne.) Until then, we’ve got an exclusive first listen of “Metal Illness As A Mating Ritual” to hold you over.

And just for fun, on the eve of their release, frontman Christian Lembach has shared a list of 10 albums from the ’90s that he didn’t write, but wishes he had. Enjoy.

The BreedersPod

I was a diehard Pixies fanatic when I was a kid, and this record is basically a lost Pixies record. Bonus points for Slint drummer Britt Walford (who the Jesus Lizard’s “Mouth Breather” is also famously about) playing on this record under a pseudonym. 

CherubsHeroine Man

These dudes are the definitive noise-rock band for me. Absolute legends. Two perfect records and a recent return to form after 20 years away.


I got into Fugazi through Minor Threat and Rites Of Spring, and they changed how I thought about music and life. Nothing more to say.

PJ HarveyRid Of Me

A feminist deconstruction of this record was the subject of my last paper for my journalism BA. True story. All hail Queen Polly Jean! Loud/quiet/loud for life.

The Jesus LizardGoat

A friend of mine made me a tape with Head on one side and Goat on the other, and it was the ugliest, most damaged and manly music I had ever heard in my short life. I fell in love. Holds up, story checks out, etc.

KarpSelf-Titled LP

I heard “We Ate Sand” on college radio in Atlanta a thousand years ago and sat in the car until the song was over. Floored. Legit heirs to the Melvins’ throne.


Is it weird that I think this is a romantic album? IDGAF. It’s a sexy one.

My Bloody ValentineLoveless

Timeless. I saw them on this tour with Dinosaur Jr and Superchunk. Kevin Shields understands the power of volume. Like a slow-motion car crash.

Nation Of Ulysses13 Point Program To Destroy America

The revolution will be sexy and wearing pajamas. This band taught me how the personal and political coexist whether you like it or not.

NirvanaIn Utero

No explanation necessary.

Shellac At Action Park

I was a big fan of Big Black and Rapeman as a teenager, but it all came together for me with Shellac. Scraping guitar tones, lock-step bass and drums, snarky, pissed off and hilarious lyrics. Beautiful recording, too.