[Go Radio and Every Avenue will be keeping a tour diary for AP while they're touring America with Yellowcard. Here’s the last installment, as penned by Every Avenue's Matt Black.]

Hey everyone! What a crazy last couple of weeks it's been. I'm writing this from my couch in Michigan, while our van and trailer sit broken down in Texas. But well get into that later. We flew home yesterday after playing in Los Angeles Friday night, the final show of our tour with Yellowcard and Go Radio. The show was insane, definitely in my personal top three favorites on the tour, along with New York and Philly. Both bands came out and messed with us during our last song, and I got to experience the joys of jumping around and singing after chugging Smirnoff Ice.

Our trek back to CA started with a trip to the south and a three-day run through Texas. I got to party in two of my favorite towns (New Orleans and Austin) and eat at some of my favorite fast food joints (Taco Cabana and Cook Out). Things seemed to be going well as we headed through the desert towards the Southwest, and then Murphy and his law showed up. Even though we had just got a new van a week before the tour started, our engine blew, leaving us without a way to get ourselves and our equipment to the next couple shows.

Luckily, we were able to find lookalike robots to play in our spot, and from what I hear they filled in quite admirably.

All in all, I had a great time out on this tour. I got a new puppy, made a lot of new friends and fans, and did more irreparable damage to my liver, pocketbook and reputation . What more could a guy ask for?

Matt Black
Every Avenue