[Go Radio and Every Avenue will be keeping a tour diary for AP while they're touring America with Yellowcard. Here’s installment number four, as penned by Every Avenue's Matt Black.]

Dear Dad,

We're now a month into the tour and we're all doing pretty well. So far, there have been two flat tires, three fist fights and one member change, which makes it our most successful month yet! (Just kidding about the member change!) Since we last talked, we've been from Detroit through the northern East Coast, and now we're heading back into the South. The East Coast leg of any tour always seems to be the wildest, and this time around didn't disappoint. I think we may have gotten a collective 20 hours of sleep through that week, and we're still trying to catch up. Luckily, no one was arrested or came down with a disease that can't be remedied with a pill. Before the East Coast, we had some rust belt shows and a stop in the Great White North, where we stealthily snuck our puppy in and out of the country. She probably brought a crazy foreign virus into Canada, in which case, stock up on poutine while you can! It's crazy to think there's only a little over a week left in this tour, but we still have shows in New Orleans, Austin, Las Vegas and LA, so the party train shows no sign of slowing down. Gotta run–send mom our love!!

Matt Black
Every Avenue