The Color Morale are currently out with August Burns Red, Of Mice & Men and the Overseer across the U.S., Frontman Garret Rapp is giving an inside look at tour life with the band. For the first installment, Rapp shares his thoughts on the current state of the scene. He also sent us over some exclusive photos from their dates so far. 

Lately, I've been concerned about the state of music and the state of mind I've been in. It seems the scene my band have been categorized into is less and less about the emotion of a live performance. I find myself questioning so much as of late. At what cost did kids start buying into visuals over authenticity? How much—and at what cost—do I try to buy them out? Have I started to? At what point did a band become more about branding and merchandising than a message or feeling? Am I just wanted as an entertainer to make a profit? I've been wasting too much time worrying about everything other than the root of what I am and why. 

As I write this first blog, I'm coming to an understanding with myself. Every night of the tour, I feel more and more moved to speak and not from my vocal cords, but from my gut. I feel as though I have been placed where I am for something greater than being an entertainment figure. I am reaffirmed in this belief by all of you. I address “you” as the family and backbone we have created together. I am reaffirmed by the countless lyrics and messages you believe so strongly in that you have them inked on your skin. I believe in the notes and messages you send me in such abundance. You drive hours upon hours to show me, in person, every single night. I could not be more reaffirmed that I am where I am supposed to be and it is you—and only you—that remind me why. 

As the Color Morale prepare to go into the studio immediately after this tour, you are filling me with the purpose I've longed for my whole life. You are telling me I need to be even more honest in my lyrical content and worry less about what my peers are doing in theirs. If an artist is passionate in what they are creating, great. But now is the time where we create something solely for you.  Our third album will be titled Know Hope, and today is another reminder why. All the monets of lost direction, insecurity, addiction, torment, struggle, depression—they were worth every second to bring me where I am for you. This band is founded on others. While it's very cliché  to express “family” on merchandising, I feel as though people who understand our band and our struggles understand what I mean when I say family. Know Hope is going to be a better understanding of what you want/need to hear and what we want/need to say. 

This blog is first in a series of updates where we will have features exclusively here at altpress every Friday for the rest of this tour. Next week, we will have more photos and a video for you all.  To every story shared, every photo taken and every moment made, you are all this band’s reason to keep growing.  Thanks for the surreal amount of support you are giving us with Know Hope. Thank you—every single one of you—for singing along to your songs with us.  We are humbled and privileged to be given this purpose.