The members of ARTIST VS. POET tell the stories behind each song on Favorite Fix.

Car Crash
Tarcy Thomason (vocals): This song is about not living life the way you should and needing an extreme circumstance to help you realize you need to turn your life around. 

Thomason: “Adorable” is about being infatuated with someone who treats you like crap–but you love it. 

Favorite Fix
Thomason: The title track of the album is about an addiction you struggle to overcome, whatever that addiction may be. Although you know it’s bad for you, you keep coming back for more. 

Unconscious Reality
Craig Calloway (guitar): This song is personal to me. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had different variations of sleeping problems: Not being able to fall asleep until 5 a.m. when I need to get up at 6 a.m.; waking up and hallucinating; not being able to stay asleep; or going through entire days never really feeling awake. This song is about the feeling you get when you’re so tired that you’re never really awake and never really asleep. One reason I like this song as much as I do is because it’s about something that so many people go through, but rarely talk about. Some deal with it through medication, alcohol or anything they can get their hands on to fall asleep. This song is for those who dread the night simply because when everyone else is asleep, they’re stuck alone and awake. 

Damn Rough Night
Thomason: This song has a real tale behind it. Nearly everyone’s 21st birthday has a story behind the festivities; sadly mine was not a pleasant one. I had a few people over to have a good time. But what started off as a great evening turned into, “Oh, I got evicted last night” the next day. Everything was great at the time. It was one of the best times I’ve had until I woke up to the pink letter on my door telling me I had to be out within 24 hours. So, 21 really was a bitch to go through for me.

We’re All The Same
Calloway: This song is about so many things. It’s about survival; it’s about living your life; it’s about pursuing dreams instead of other people’s wishes. When we first sat down to write it, I remember talking about things and topics that meant something to us. I remember talking about religion and fate, and whether or not everyone had their life already planned out for them–whether through God or your parents or whoever. Regardless of what we do in life and what we believe in, there are so many different aspects that bring us all together. This song is a reminder to those who feel secluded and left behind from the pack. It’s meant to remind them that although we all have so many differences, it’s our differences that make life so much more interesting and unique. Although it may not seem it at times, we have a lot more in common than we think. This gives a feeling that while we’re different, we’re united. We all experience joy, and we all experience sadness. Being united is something worth remembering simply because it’s empowering. To the lonely, maybe it’s a source of comfort and inspiration. 

So Much I Never Said
Thomason: This is about taking on the world on your own. It’s about not knowing enough about life to really be able to manage yourself right in the real world, but eventually finding a place you call home. 

Miserably Loving You
Thomason: This song is about a broken relationship in which you’re trying to salvage any good that still remains. 

Broke But Not Broken
Thomason: “Broke But Not Broken” is the aftermath to “Favorite Fix.” It’s about realizing the addiction is ruining your life. 

He’s Just Not Me
Thomason: This song is about still being in love with a former partner. While her new boyfriend gives her everything she wants, he can’t give her the love that you had. 

Joe Kirkland (guitar): This song is from a personal experience. It’s about the initial shock, feelings and emotions that are associated with being cheated on–from feeling alone to wondering how the person you loved could ever do what they did. It’s a very raw, honest look into the mind of someone who has just been hurt, but who still loves and desires the person who cheated on them. They’ve been betrayed and feel like walking away, but without the other person they’re useless. It’s a reminder that despite feeling hurt, you will be okay. 

Giving Yourself Away
Kirkland: This song is about wanting to move forward and take the risk of being in a relationship with someone who keeps putting up walls. Although they want to, they’re afraid to take the same risk because they’ve taken it before and been hurt. This was written as encouragement to them. Though there is always the risk of being hurt or hurting others, life is meant to be lived and gambles are meant to be taken. Without them, we’d live with so much regret and always wonder, “What if?”. alt