Vocalist/guitarist JOHNNY FRANCK tells the stories behind each song onATTACK ATTACK!'s self-titled album.


Sexual Man Chocolate

This song was written on Warped Tour last year. Caleb [Shomo, vocals/keyboards] came up with the initial idea, and we all added to it. It was the first song written for the album and I still love it. It's about falling in and out with God and the things that go through a person's mind when that happens.

Renob, Nevada

We wanted to have more of an old-school hardcore feel to this song. I wrote the lyrics about people who feel like they have to state their opinion on our band in really obnoxious ways. One day, I was reading some comments [about the band online] and got super-annoyed. I wrote all of these lyrics in five minutes.

I Swear I'll Change

This song is one of my personal favorites on the album. I like that it has an eerie overtone to it. The title is a familiar excuse we've heard before, and the song is about how sometimes you wish you didn't get to know people as well as you do. Once the mask is taken off and you see that person's faults, it's awful knowing that they don't have any hope to change them. Yet still, part of you has hope.

Shut Your Mouth

This song was so much fun to make. I kind of just imagined a bunch of Guidos' fists pumping to this song at some random club in New Jersey. Our friend, McSwagger, collaborated with us on this song. It's just a good tune and it bumps pretty hard. This song is about people our band like to call "lingerers."

A For Andrew

The reason for this song's name is that our guitarist [Andrew Whiting] wanted our whole record to be in drop-A tuning. We went with B for the majority of the album, so this song in drop-A is for Andrew. We just wanted to make the heaviest, sludgiest song we possibly could. This song is about putting things above God and how He still is always there for you. No matter how many times we deny Him, He knows how broken we are and still loves more than anything.


This is my favorite song on the album. One night, we were trying to come up with funny [marijuana-related] names like "Chronic The Hedgehog" and "Tom Danks." This one was just too funny not to put on our album. I feel like this song best incorporates everything our band has to offer, whether it's dub-step, hardcore, metalcore, pop or dance-pop. It's about how you have nothing without love.


This song is a two-minute breakdown, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I was just getting out some aggression and thought there was no better song to do it with than this one. It's incredibly fun to play live.

Fumbles O'Brian

We had a good time making the beginning of this one. I wrote the first 30 seconds, showed Caleb, came back the next day and it was basically fully written. It's about how there is only one God.

Turbo Swag

I just wanted people to see how much bullshit this world can be. Sometimes we just want an easy way out from chasing the materials of this world that will all rust and burn away. Only the relationships you have will last an eternity. To sum it up, I'll ask you a question: When you're on your deathbed, do you want all of the achievements you strived for during your life by your side or do you want your friends?


We wanted a love ballad, and it ended up turning into an R&B ballad, which is totally cool. Bury Tomorrow vocalist Jason Cameron sang the second verse and made the sexiness level on this song go up 100 notches. He really makes this song amazing. It's about how I miss my girlfriend on the road and how even though people surround me, sometimes I still get lonely when she's not there. Call me a pussy if you want, but it's a true story. alt