A LOSS FOR WORDS take us track by track through their new album, No Sanctuary.

“Honeymoon Eyes”
This song is about obsession and addiction. Young people are still pushed with the idea that you can’t be a fulfilled person in life without a loving marriage, living in a house with a white-picket fence, bringing up 2.5 children—The American Dream. For some, it becomes an addiction, the “monkey on your back,” and they become obsessed. You should live life the way you see fit and not in some fairy tale notion.
–Marc Dangora

“Pray For Rain”
Over the years we have run into a lot of people who used to play in bands we came up with in the Boston area. Some of them would look down their noses at us for still doing the same thing while they had moved on to the next fad. This song is for them, former friends filled with envy who still dwell on the past. We have been all over the world and continue to do what we love. We may be getting old, but we still have the passion. We wear it like a badge of honor.
–Marc Dangora

This is a story of a failing relationship. Two people stay together when everything seems wrong. They don’t talk. They don’t get along, but neither one wants to be the one who speaks up. The guy wants to scream. He is ready to burst. Meanwhile, she continues to dance around the issues and continue in silence and contempt.
–Marc Dangora

“Raining Excuses”
This song is about a girl I know who seems to be always let down and feels unloved by her boyfriend who she has dated for quite some time. She knows deep down inside he is not the one for her but can't let herself move on to find happiness. She will continue to make excuses for their relationship and hide her problems.
–Matt Arsenault

“The Hammers Fall”
“The Hammers Fall” is about what it sometimes takes to make you fully appreciate everything you've been given. It’s easy to lose sight of what is important to you in life, and every now and then you need a little bit of a wake-up call to set you straight. Every person that plays in a touring band goes through the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. For me, coming home from tour to working construction all the time made me want to work 100 times harder in continuing to writing music and touring with my friends. We have the best job ever.
— Nevada Smith

“The Lost Cause I Used To Be”
This song was written about someone going through a tough and confusing time in their life. It's about being in a dark place after a long relationship has recently ended, and filling the void that's left in its wake with someone who's equally screwed-up. It's about being with someone who might not be the best person for you, but you both have a yearning for the companionship you're used to, but no longer have. It's also about letting go and not letting a bad instance in your life keep you down, to keep taking those chances because eventually you would find the right person to fill that void.
— Mike Adams

“No Sanctuary”
Definitely the heaviest thing we have ever done. This song is about police brutality. “No Sanctuary” was my reaction to a lot of the protests that took place all over the world in the last year or so, especially in the Middle East. The police and the state tried to squash the protests and silence the protesters. Fortunately, a lot of it was caught on video and we in the Western world were exposed to it. Still, Americans are indoctrinated to believe stuff like that doesn’t happen here, but it does. You can’t escape it—just don’t be blind to what happens on the other side of town.
— Marc Dangora

Jeremy Michael Russell was a longtime friend. This song is dedicated to him. Some people leave a mark on your life. He left a mark on just about everyone who ever met him. Instead of being sad about his untimely passing, it’s a celebration of his life.
— Marc Dangora

The road can be a lonely place. This song is pretty simple. It’s about feeling lonely and wishing my loved ones at home could be there to take part in all the things I get to do. The idea came from a phone call I had with my father. The band was at Mt. Rushmore on a day off. I called home to tell my family about it. My father told me that he had never been there, and I realized he will probably never see it. It was at that moment that I wished he was with us. Its times like that remind me of how lucky we are as people to do what we do.
— Marc Dangora

This is our “uplifting” song. A lot of our stuff is on the darker side, especially lyrically. I wanted to do a song that was more on the brighter side. “Finite” is about living life to the fullest. You can’t live every day like it’s your last. But occasionally you find the right day, and you make it count. I’m trying not to focus on the time that has passed; instead, I’m focusing on the future. I won’t be a slave to time.
— Marc Dangora

“Wrightsville Beach”
This song was on our acoustic EP, Webster Lake. We played it live as a full band a lot and it kind of became a fan favorite. We decided to do the full-band version for the CD. This song was a realization that I had found the place I belong. I had been feeling alone, down and lost in the world for a long time. I soon saw the rest of the guys in this band felt the same way a lot of times. We became closer because of it. “Wrightsville Beach” was a date on one of our first tours. It was there I finally felt I had found my place.
— Marc Dangora