Track By Track: I The Breather, “Truth And Purpose”

February 28, 2012
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Vocalist Shawn Spann and drummer Morgan Wright take us track by track through I The Breather’s new album Truth And Purpose, out now via Sumerian Records.

We often look at life struggles as negative experiences. With this album I tried to put my struggles out there for the world to see. I hope it touches hearts and opens the eyes of people facing the same struggles as myself. Instead of falling we need to learn, instead of fighting we need to love… The list could go on and on, this album is everything inside me. It's not just another finished piece of work to me; this is a mark in my life, this is me screaming out to the world to wake up. I can't reach you all but the ones I do, I hope this album changes your life.

“False Prophet”
This song is an addition to our song titled “Longevity” from our debut album These Are My Sins. The song is based on so many people these days that are trying to be God–thinking they know right from wrong, and that they hold the all the correct answers. This is not their place to judge and mold people to their wishes. I myself was a victim of this and still struggle with learning and accepting certain things because of past experiences.

“The Beginning”
This song is about trying to survive in your faith while being a neglected child, and being turned away by the people who are supposed to love you most: your family. A lot of kids who are neglected choose to live negative lives when they could turn them into a positive and help others who have strayed down that wrong path. Follow your heart and soul.

“Bruised And Broken”
This song’s purpose is to reach people who are alone, have nowhere to go and no one to turn to–the ones who were never good enough for anyone. In this song I am crying out, “I want to make an army of the broken.” I myself still currently struggle with not being good enough; I know it's a dark and lonely road. This song portrays that through struggle I am here, I will always be here. Your savior is here; He will always be here for you, you have to believe.

I wrote this song about a world where followers of the way are forced underground and persecuted for having beliefs in our God. This song is all about our generation, our army of believers rising up and taking the task of casting out the demons who forced us under. It’s a war song. We are no longer wrestling with flesh and blood, but with powers and principalities of the air.

This song is about the struggle to find the meaning of your life while living in current times. You have to find your inner self and follow your soul how God, not other people, wants you to live. So many people will tell you how to do this and do that. This song is telling you to stay true to yourself; be real, be true, and stay strong.

“Knights / Pawns”
This song is focused on our current times. No one is as perfect as they claim to be. We all strive for perfection and want to be best possible person we can possibly be. But we all sin, and focus on our flaws instead of the good. It seems like a daily struggle to survive, the fight between perfection being real and fake.

This song is about a group of people: radical Christians, Christians who speak out about and against the truth of our God. They’re giving a bad name to normal, humble open-minded Christians. We are put down for our beliefs when we need to stand up and prove we are not all the same.

This song is about close-minded and opinionated people (mostly fellow Christians). None of us know the actual truth because none of us are God.

This song is based around trying to follow the Bible and still believe in our creator while losing someone very close to you. It’s very hard to live by certain beliefs when some of the most amazing people you know are taken away from you because of cancer or another natural disease. It’s hard to grasp why things like this happen; why do we have to suffer with such a painful death?

Written by AltPress