THE GET UP KIDS frontman MATT PRYOR takes us track by track through his new solo album, May Day.

“Don't Let The Bastards Get You Down”
This is something that my mom used to say to me when I was a kid, kind of like it's not your fault if other people suck. There is a Propagandhi song that has the line 'don't the fuckers drag you down' which is what I was originally going to use but decided at the last minute to self-censor.

“The Lies Are Keeping Me Here”
Every time that I tell you that I love this is bullshit. I'm lying to both of us. Don't cry for me when I'm gone, I'm not going to cry for me when I leave. There is too much life to live to worry about that.

“Where Do We Go From Here”
Back in the day? Yeah, that was great. But, past is past and it's time to move on. The only problem is I don't have any other skills so I'm not really sure what else to do. Along the way I trusted some people who turned out to not be trustworthy…not a good plan.

“Like A Professional”
Ran into an old friend the other day, hadn't seen him in over a decade. I wrote a song about him when last we were together. Anyway, he came backstage after the show and started to work the room, looking for someone else more important to talk to. It was kind of perversely impressive.

“As If I Could Fall In Love With You Again”
We had some good times, you and I. You taught me a lot, showed me the world but then you split. So, now you're back and I have no intention of being with you anymore.

“Polish The Broken Glass”
We don't have much say about how we want to be remembered. So, instead of getting mad about it, I'm choosing to let it go and focus on the things that are important.

“Unhappy Is The Only Happy That You'll Ever Be”
Take a look in the mirror and come to the conclusion that you're miserable by your own design. The only person that can make you happy is you.

“As Lies Go…This One Is Beautiful”
You may be a terrible person. You lie, you cheat, you steal but you do it so well that I have to be impressed. Even at my own expense.

“Your New Favorite”
I don't think that we're on the same page about all this. Who I am and who you want me to be are two different people. So, I'm getting out of here but you'll miss me when I'm gone.

“You Won't Get Any Blood From Me”
I work so hard but you just shit on everything that I do. So, I'm not going to take it any more. You can't hurt me if I don't care what you think.

“I Was A Witness”
This is written from death's perspective. He/she/it has been watching us the whole time doing the work for him. 

“What My Tired Eyes Would View”
This is a love song. The rest of the record was so dark thematically that I thought it could use a little lightening up at the closing. alt