Vocalist Nick Giumenti takes us through My Ticket Home's new album To Create A Cure, track by track.

“A New Breed”
This song is about a race of beings that was bred into captivity and made slaves by their self-proclaimed masters. The storyline follows a character who is born into this society but throughout his maturing years he/she decides to risk his life for a chance at freedom. He/she leads a rebellion against his captors and attempts to bering his race to a new life. The lyrics are about standing up for what you deserve against those who who'd wrongly punish and force you into a life of misery and self-doubt. The song focuses on the hypocrisy of the so called “master race” as the hero pursues the true birthright of his race. 

“Who Is 67?”
Anyone who has seen the movie Shutter Island will most likely recognize the title from the movie. This song isn't necessarily about the movie but it is definitely a parallel to the film's plot. This song is told from the point of view of the main character who goes through a struggle of trying to find a patient who has escaped from a mental hospital. However, after being lead down several avenues with little to no progress he/she slowly begins to realize that he/she cannot trust the people around him and that his reason for being there is not what he/she thought. In the end he/she turns out to actually be a patent of the hosiptal. The song focuses strongly on the character's inner feelings and thoughts as he/she begins to realize the truth. I know all too well what it feels like to be trapped inside your own head and that's why I gravitated to this plot so much.  

This was one of the more challenging songs for me to write, because I wanted to portray a feeling of intensity without trying to seem “heavy” or “cheesy,” as this is one of the lighter songs on the record. The story is about a character who all his life has only been a messenger for others. Never a hero, never important. Then suddenly his entire world is changed and everything he/she loves is threatened by a seemingly undefinable force. The song follows the transformation as he/she begins to find it in himself to fight for what he/she must.

“The Truth Changes If We Both Lie”
The lyrics of this song were actually written by former member Sean Mackowski, so I'll do my best to give my understanding of the song, but there's a good chance I'm way off. It seems to me that the song is about a conflict within a relationship in which the main character doesn't want to let the other leave them, and the song is sort of their pledge to the other that they are not giving up. 

This songs features two different perspectives–one from a character who has been kidnapped and is being held hostage as a sacrifice to a terrible evil, and the other from the character's companions who are in a desperate frenzy to rescue them. The main focus of this song is an ominous, all-powerful wall that divides the two sides. The wall is the controlling force of their entire existence and both characters can not seem to prevent it from entering their thoughts. The wall is both figurative and literal as it represents your deepest fear, something that you have fled from your entire life. The song is an open-ended challenge to the listener to decide which side of the wall they're on.

“Motion Sickness”
Someone described this song as a sort of “Call To Arms” and I thought that was a fairly accurate summarization. The song is told from the perspective of a character whose entire life has been nothing but a neverending routine of mundane and meaningless tasks. The character has basically been stepped on their entire life. They can see all of the injustices around them, and constantly fantasize about finally standing up and taking back the life they deserve, until they finally are forced to find it in themselves and realize that they have the means to change their existence, and conquer all of their self doubt to find the life they've been craving.

“A Thief Of One, A Thief Of Many”
This song again follows two opposing sides of a conflict. The plot follows a group of criminals who have put their entire country into a state of emergency, making a mockery of the corrupt justice system and taking wealth frivolously and without fear. The authorities are desparately trying to maintain an image of control while assuring the public that everything is under control. The song is essentially a conflict of the pen vs. the sword, as the general public soon begins to love the criminals for their daring attitude and begin to make them celebrities. Meanwhile, the police desparately try to demonize and persecute the rebels. The conflict ends when the criminals are captured and ultimately the authorities control the outcome, as they print the headlines of victory and justice. 

“Awake : Create”
This track is set in somewhat of a post-apocalyptic world. A brilliant inventor was trying to create a technology to help revolutionize their civilization and further their prosperity. However, as with many technological advances it turns evil because the government tries to turn it into a military weapon, which leads to the downfall of the human. However, with their last breath the creator of the device blesses the world with one final creation, to which he gives his soul, hoping to reverse the tragedy. The song follows the new invention as is it travels the massive world of ruin and tries to renew the glory that the world once had.

“The Dream Code”
As with “The Truth Changes If We Both Lie” this song was also written by Sean, and to be honest I haven't the slightest clue what this one is about. If anyone has an interpretation, feel free to post it to us! We'd love to hear it.

“Dark Days”
This song was written during a time of extreme stress for the band. Recording this record was an incredible challenge and we really didn't know who we could trust out of the people around us. It was pretty much a crossroads in front of us, and we had to chose to soldier on and try and fight our way through it, or our band was basically going to be done. The song is pretty much a culmination of all of the thoughts and emotions we were harboring at that time.

“Fear Complex”
This song, my personal favorite, follows the journey of two people as they struggle to deal with a terrible lose of their love. In one point of view, the character is entirely devastated and connote help but blame themselves. They slowly lose their grip on themselves and find an evil in themselves that begins to consume them. The other point of view is the character trying to comfort and console them, hoping to help them through this bought time and get back to the life they once knew. The bond between them is strained as they realize that they are descended from opposing places, however neither of them are willing to part ways even in the face of certain destruction. alt