Yesterday, The Plot In You released their latest album Could You Watch Your Children Burn via Rise Records. Vocalist Landon Tewers tells AP the stories behind the tracks, below. You can purchas the album at Rise Records’ online merch store.

A girl that I was with a few years back was raped while I was on tour. For months I planned how I would kill this guy. It's one of those things you never expect to happen to someone you care about. When it does it definitely messes with your head. I could write a book about this song.

“Fiction Religion”
This song is about my struggle with my beliefs and disbeliefs. It can be the most frustrating thing in the world trying to sift through the bullshit and find something real. My faith always let me down. I cried out to a god a thousand times and never felt anything.

“Digging Your Grave”
This was the first track I wrote after First Born. I had some fresh hate and I wanted to let it out. I wanted to make the most violent sounding song possible.

“Population Control”
Growing up I had this friend, we were super tight, agreed on pretty much everything. He got laid at 14 and then started fucking anything he could find. Got progressively worse and worse over time. I grew to hate him and everything he had become. It sucks how people can let things like that take over their lives.

The track name pretty much sums up this song. I feel like I have to hide from social networking sites sometimes because people's ignorance is unreal. I know pretty much anyone in a band can relate. It’s so hard to not call out every little prick sometimes.

“The Devil’s Contract”
My friend Shane and I sold our souls to the devil. I don't necessarily believe in the devil, but for that slim chance that God and the devil are real, I'd rather be on the devil’s side. This song is about the depression and hopelessness I felt during that time period. I was fucked up in the head.

“Shyann Weeps”
This song is about a really vivid dream I had. This girl fucked over my best friend, and that night, I had a dream where I stomped her face in. I would never do that. But I won't lie; I'd consider it a good dream. It's just a giant diss to her, and any slut for that matter.

“Sober And Soulless”
This was the last song I wrote for the record. I was going through some really tough shit back home, and I just felt kinda stuck in a rut with life in general. Sometimes, you just gotta keep pushing through the bad times to get to the good. This song is a reminder to myself that life is what you make of it.

“Bible Butcher”
I've always hated having religion, or anyone's beliefs, shoved down my throat. But I feel like it just never stops happening. I know a lot of people can relate to that frustration. Just because I don't believe what you believe doesn't mean I don't have morals and standards in life. I feel like a lot more people need to open their minds a little and consider other alternatives. Nobody knows anything for sure; there are a million interpretations of everything.

“Glad You're Gone”
This one is about my mother. It sucks to have to cut certain people out of your life, but sometimes you just have to. It's basically me telling her I appreciate what she did for me, but I don't want or need her in my life anymore.