Turnover vocalist Austin Getz takes you inside the band's new album, Magnolia, in today's track by track. Listen to the album via our stream as you read, and if you connect to these songs, be sure to head to the Run For Cover Records online store and order Magnolia, which is out today.

This song is about being in a rut in a relationship. For me, specifically, it’s about how hard it was to be in this band, be on tour, and have it basically consume my life, and still find time to give someone I cared about the attention they deserved. I think it speaks to a wider audience than that, though. Everyone has issues trying to balance their lives and the people in them. It's easy to let people fall by the wayside and take them for granted. My life for the past year has been a testament to that, and this song is me confessing it.

“Most Of The Time”
This one took a really long time to come together. It went through a ton of revisions and rewrites but it came out really well. Kyle [Kojan, guitar] wrote these lyrics, and I think they speak to a lot of people in a lot of different situations. It's essentially about being lost, which is something that everyone has felt. The world today is sometimes overly complex, and it's easy to get caught up and forget what's important or which direction you want to go in.

Loss is the motif of this song. I wrote it in the perspective of a conversation between a mother and a son. The son knows he’s going to lose her and asks for comfort, and she tells him the truth, not necessarily what he wants to hear. It's hard losing someone or something, whether it be a person or a thing or a time in your life, but in the end change is inevitable. A line in the chorus is, “Everyone leaves and everything dies,” and that basically sums up the meaning of this song. Not necessarily the pessimism in that, but rather the fact that the sooner you accept what you can't control, the less it can hurt you.

This song is probably the darkest song we've ever written. It's written in the third person and is about watching someone be torn apart by something in his or her life, and eventually losing hope and being conquered by it. Suicide and depression are far too common. It's equally sad and terrifying. This song is a commentary on that and a story model for what a lot of people may go through or see happening around them.

“Pray For Me”
Selfishness is really prevalent in society today. Everyone is guilty of it on one level or another. This song is about selfishness and cowardice. It's about being afraid to tell someone something out of fear of personal consequence and feeling guilty for it inside. At the end of every story the truth comes out, and the consequence is always much worse than if you would have been truthful in the first place. I guess this is the “parable” song of the record.

This is the first song we finished for the record. It's been through a lot of changes as well, though. We wrote it almost a year before any of the other songs. The sound is definitely evident of that. It's the most like an older Turnover song, but it still fits well on the record which I think is really cool. It's a really good bridge from our older records to this one.

Society has a way of tricking you into being someone other than yourself and caring about things that you really don't care about. This song is about lying to yourself about who you are for so long that you forget who “you” really are, instead becoming the mask you wear. It's a dangerous thing. Always trying to live up to the ideals society sets can be draining. It's easy to waste your life, and life is precious.

“To The Bottom”
I have to admit. I think this song is the oddball on the record. It sounds much different than the others, but not different to the point that it doesn't fit. The opening line of the song pretty much sets the stage for what it's about: wasting time and regret.

“Like A Whisper”
This song is about moving on from someone or something that had no place in your life to begin with. I think a lot of times people settle for things even when they know they deserve much better. Moving on can be hard, but what's easy usually isn't what's right.

“Flicker And Fade”
We wanted to have a really stripped-down track. This is just one mic, one guitar and a story.

There's a line in an Eddie Vedder song that says, “Everyone I come across in cages they bought.” It's insane how well that sentence depicts the world we live in. Money is the center of so many people's world. I see so many people who aren't content with their lives, but don't do anything about it. I don't know if it’s because of a fear of change or just a lack of knowing how to change, but it's sad. People get caught up in illusions they've created and let their lives pass them by. That is the single biggest mistake you can ever make. This song is about that, and how no one should feel helpless to change their own life.