Twenty One Pilots have one of the largest and most dedicated fanbases of any band around — a group referred to as the Clique. Members of the Clique have been known to produce some truly incredible fan art, including some of the most creative tattoo designs we've seen. From stunning colorful pieces to ukulele chords for a favorite song, here are some of the coolest Twenty One Pilots-inspired tattoos we found.

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 Tribute to the few, the proud, and the emotional


.:few,proud,emotional:. Owner: @codyaeve :: #cliqueart #twentyonepilots

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This perfectly designed piece shows off a dedication to both the band and the Clique.

“Turn their guns to a fist”

We love these minimalist hands inspired by “Guns for Hands.” 

 A unique representation of a favorite song

The ukulele chords to “Screen” make for one of the most unique tattoos we've seen.

Chord constellation 

This creative fan used the chords in “Truce” to create a beautiful constellation tattoo with a deeper personal meaning.

Minimalist tribute to “Migraine”

We love the understated elegance of this piece inspired by “Migraine.”

Morse code

The morse code in this gorgeous tattoo translates to “the beginning of your meaning, friend”— lyrics from “Kitchen Sink.”