Watercolor take on “Truce”

The bright watercolor detail makes the handwriting in this beautiful tattoo really pop.

Sound waves

This piece using sound waves to represent a specific moment in a favorite song is Clique creativity at its finest.

Stunning detail

We are in awe of the tremendous detail in this piece inspired by “Holding On To You.”

Melting effect

The melting colors on this piece inspired by the band's self-titled first album create a stunning effect.

Geometric design

We can't get enough of this intricate geometric interpretation of Blurryface's album art.

Vintage inspiration


((lane boy)) •• owner: @destxn.yy • design by: @sim.daye •• handwriting: @alyssamlowe :: #cliqueart #twentyonepilots

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We love everything about this “Lane Boy” tattoo—from its vintage feel to its beautiful script.

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