For his new album Redefine (out September 30), electronic producer/composer tyDi, who is a longtime fan of our scene, employed the vocal talents of some AP-familiar faces, such as Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional, Twin Forks) and Jordan Witzigreuter (aka the Ready Set). 

“Working with Chris Carrabba is honestly a dream come true for me,” says tyDi. “I came from a rock background before I even knew what dance music was; I used to listen to Dashboard Confessional religiously throughout high school—I still do!

“So many tracks from Chris like 'Vindicated' and 'Hands Down' resonate with memories that I still hold on to today. I've really got to pinch myself when someone asks me, ‘Hey, did you really work with Chris from Dashboard?'Just saying 'yes' to that question gives me chills. I'm insanely grateful to have him on the record.”

See how the powers of tyDi and Carrabba combine in this AP exclusive stream of “The Closer I Get.”