Warped Tour body art

Listen, we’re all going to miss Warped Tour as we’ve come to know it, but this fan showed us all up with this VWT-inspired body painting.

Crocheted critters

This fan made adorable yarn replicas of some of our favorite lead singers, and we’re sorry boys, but these are even cuter than the real thing.

Album art eye looks

Seriously, how does she even do this? While the rest of us plebians are over here still trying to master the perfect wing, this artist is creating unbelievably intricate eye looks inspired by some of our favorite bands’ album art.

Neck Deep nail art

“Pain, pain go away, come back another day. I just wanna get one up on life before it kills me.” Last week I decided to recreate the artwork of the new Neck Deep’s album just because I really loved it. After what happened in Mexico it has another meaning. It proves that “building walls” and “dropping bombs” is a huge waste of time; it’s not only stupid, it separates people and nobody needs that. Natural disasters are not predictable, they are able to damage everyone, everywhere. Whatever is the case, people is going to need people. We all need of someone else and that’s why we must be nice with others, with the earth, with animals, literally with everything. We need to spread love, not only on catastrophes, always.

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Really though, how do y’all do this?

A Shoe To Remember
A Day To Remember custom Vans.

How do you make Vans even cooler? Apparently by painting crazy detailed art inspired by bands on them.

And last but certainly not least…BILLIE TOE ARMSTRONG

Fan art. #billieToearmstrong

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Quirky, hilarious and genius. Billie Toe is actually a lot like Billie Joe.