vicky t 2019
[Photo by: Giselle Dias]

With the release of her debut EP only a couple of weeks away, Vicky-T is teaming up with AP to bring you her brand-new single, “Picture To Burn,” featuring actor Will Connolly.

After Cobra Starship broke up in 2015, Victoria Asher— or Vicky-T as she is known musically—was determined to stay in the industry and make her mark.

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“I was trying to do my own solo music stuff because I knew that Cobra were coming to an end,” Asher reveals. “I had this feeling of ‘OK, if I were an old lady on my deathbed  looking back on my life, what are the things that I wish I would accomplish?’”

She began her journey in Los Angeles a couple of years ago, trying to find people to work with on her music. When that turned out to be unsuccessful, the vocalist questioned if she was on the right path. Thankfully, she met Clifford Goilo, who allowed her to record in his studio in Amsterdam. While there, she recorded eight songs, one of which (“Feeling Myself”) will be included on her upcoming EP.

As far as her musical aesthetic goes, Vicky kept to her roots: never sticking to just a single genre and exploring different sounds and styles.  

“The thing that I liked about Cobra Starship was we had all these different songs that weren’t just sticking to one certain genre,” the singer says. “We had these slower love songs, and we’d have these goofy songs, all within the era of not taking yourself too seriously. I think that recording this EP has been the same kind of vibe.”

The artist shows off that idea in her newest release, “Picture To Burn.” The track is synth-heavy and carries sweet ’80s vibes, but the underlying reason for the song is heartbreaking.

“The inspiration for it was coming out of this breakup that was just ruining me,” Vicky shares. “I was talking about some of the most painful processes. How you can come across old photos and [see] how happy you were then, but that it was all meaningless afterward. It’s a negative way to look at it, but that was the headspace I was in.”

Those thoughts didn’t take away her love of the tune though, and it’s one she holds close to her heart.

“When you listen to your own music, there’s times where you get critical over your own work,” she says. “With this one, I’ve consistently been like, ‘Nah, I love this song.’

“I’m really excited to finally put out an EP,” Vicky continues. “I have so many more songs. Part of me wonders if I should have done something longer in length, but I feel like this is a start. Everything else I was releasing was just singles. I thought it would be fun to release more than one, finally.”

Check out “Picture To Burn” below, which will be included on her upcoming self-titled EP dropping April 19.

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