Fallstar fans have been itching to see the band's video for “Drags, Drugs, And Bones” from Backdrafsince the band launched its teaser last month. Today, AP and the band bring you the video's exclusive debut. Check it out below, and let us know what you think.

Fallstar, 'Backdraft' | Alternative Press“We wanted this video to elaborate on [the Backdraft album artwork, pictured left],” says vocalist Chris Ratzlaff. “The overall plot is vague, but accomplishes what we wanted it to–guys with masks are running/escaping with something valuable. They make a recorded tape of speeches. One is caught, and then slipped a key by a 'good' bad guy when he's being beaten, which helps him escape later. Everyone eventually makes it to the coast (freedom) in the end by walking miles and miles.

The song 'Drags, Drugs and Bones' is all about perseverance in the face of overwhelming odds and we thought it was the perfect song for the story. We also made another video for the song “Set My Face Like Flint” which ties into this video. See if you can make the connection! Also we have no hidden weird agenda in this video, so don't try to make any weird connections. We're onto you Youtube jackals!”