Check out this premiere of PJ Bond's new video for “Reasons.” You can also download the song for free here. Over the next three weeks, we'll be premiering videos and songs from PJ, as well as publishing his thoughts and lyrics for each. The first piece, “I'm In A Bad Way,” can be seen here.


Ever since I was a boy I've been told about the things that I was supposed to do. Now a grown man I'm just as confused as

I've always been. You see everyone I knew seemed to understand the path, went to high school, to college, then they all got

nine to fives. I kept ducking out to find the party in the alley to see, because all I ever wanted to be was happy.

Nobody ever taught me what I should really know, I kept hearing about the happy ones but no one seems to show it. I keep

searching for the answers so I can shake these blues. There's reasons we do what we do. I got reasons I do what I do. Do

you have reasons you do what you do?

We've been set on a course that's been sailed times before, many times with the same results:  people hate what they have and

they don't seem to understand why.  So, they keep up the cycle and think if they work harder they can fix all the problems

and get all they were promised.  I just don't know why they don't try another way.  All I want to do is find the other way.

While I was living in Asheville, North Carolina I thought it would be beneficial to try to get a job. I applied at this one restaurant and went in for an interview, during which the owner waved her hand in my face and asked,”So, what is the story with this 'situation'?” I immediately knew two things: I was not getting a job there, and I would never want to work for someone like her.

The “situation” to which she was referring was my at the time rather large beard and long hair. After not being able to grow a beard in my youth I embraced the ability to just let it fly and develop into a lumberjack pride point. Once my hair and beard started to get a little out of hand I came up with the semi-ridiculous idea that I would make a music video that included these parts of me, and turn it into an art project of sorts. The concept started to form in my head and then I decided I not only could, but had to make this video. No rude restaurant owner was going to take that from me. It took almost another full year before I had the song I thought would work and the time and tools to put this all together. The song was written and recorded in a few short hours while my older brother got ready for a wedding, then when he left the house, my younger brother and I set up a camera and set to work. By the time my older brother came home, the floor was cleaned up and I was without beard or much hair. My buddy, Mike Salerno, was kind enough to tackle the task of piecing together all of these 10 second snippets. Thanks to Mike for the hard work and for dealing with less-than-stellar recordings from two video amateurs. I love the way this came out and am glad I held strong.

Bond is currently on an extensive European tour. Check out the remaining dates below.

Sat / Nov-19 Hillentrup, GER – Papiermuhle, Schwelentruper Weg 5
Sun / Nov-20 Bielefeld, GER – Fair Trade Merch store, Detmolder Str. 188
Mon / Nov-21 Nuremburg, GER – Mono Bar, Grasersgasse 1, 90402
Tue / Nov-22 NEED HELP
Wed / Nov-23 Vienna, AUS – Replugged, Lerchenfelderstraße 23, Bécs
Thu / Nov-24 Wr Neustadt, AUS – Entro P's, Ungargasse 24
Fri / Nov-25 Graz, AUS – Sub, Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Kai 66
Sat / Nov-26 Regensburg, GER – Zimmer 4, Werftstraße 15, 93059
Sun / Nov-27 Enkirch, GER – TOMs Enkirch, Weingasse 12, 56850
Mon / Nov-28 Oberburg, ZWI – Restaurant Bahnhof, Krauchtalstrasse 94
Tue / Nov-29 Saanen, ZWI – Oeyetl, Oeyetliweg 30, 3792
Wed / Nov-30 Zurich, ZWI – Kontiki Bar, Niederdorfstrasse 24, 8001
Thu / Nov-01 Geneva, ZWI – Le Cabinet, 54, bd St-Georges – 1205
Fri / Nov-02 Lausanne, ZWI – TBC
Sat / Nov-03 Lyon, FRA – The Beers, 3 Place Saint-Paul, 69005

Sat / Dec-10 Cardiff – The Full Moon, Womamby Street, Cardiff, CF10 1BR
Sun / Dec-11 Swansea – Mozarts, 76A Walter Road, W Glam SA1 4QA
Tue / Dec-13 Birmingham – Sunflower Lounge, 76 Smallbrook Queensway, B5 4EG
Wed / Dec-14 Manchester – Well Wisher house (email [email protected] for address)
Thu / Dec-15 Glasgow – The Captain’s Rest, 185 Great Western Road, G4 9EB
Fri / Dec-16 Girvan – Z1 Youth club, 154 Dalrymple Street, KA26 9BQ
Sat / Dec-17 Edinburgh – The Banshee’s Labrynth, 29-35 Niddry St.  EH1 1LG
Sun / Dec-18 Leeds – House show (email [email protected] for address)
Mon / Dec-19 Lincoln – The Red Room, 37 Broadgate, LN2 5AE
Tue / Dec-20 Nottingham – The Maze, 257 Mansfield Road, NG1 3FT